I'm actually looking forward to a busy week. With the exception of Rainbow Moon , I haven't played much this summer.

I wonder if Take-Two is at all concerned…

This past week brought some Irrational Games difficulties to light, and now we've got one analyst saying Grand Theft Auto V might not launch until Take-Two's 2014 fiscal year . The publisher released some rosy predictions for the current year, so everyone figured both titles in question would have to be on store shelves before March 31, 2013. But maybe there are all sorts of unforeseen snags, and I wonder if that's the reason we're hearing so little about GTAV. It's not like Take-Two or Rockstar to be so quiet on a big huge new project, especially after they revealed it a good eight months ago.

That better not be the case, though. Infinite and GTAV are my two most anticipated games that aren't PS3 exclusives, and it already annoys me that neither is coming this year. I have all the patience in the world, and I'm convinced that both games will be unbelievable…but I have to admit, my confidence has been shaken. Just a little.

Maybe one console really would be best

At first, when I read what Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada said about having just one console produced by the Big Three hardware manufacturers, I scoffed at the idea. I had my reasons. But after I started thinking about it, I started to believe in the concept…I mean, to some extent. It would be easier, wouldn't it? It's completely illogical to have all these different systems for playing video games. You don't have different systems for playing movies, unless you count the different formats (DVD and Blu-Ray). But that's quite different, isn't it? What would be so bad about having one universal console that just plays everything?

Developers wouldn't have to worry about mastering multiple platforms, gamers wouldn't have to worry about which version was better than another, and best of all, we could get rid of the idiotic system wars that continue to this day. Maybe if we could ditch that, some gamers would grow up and we could lose that immature stigma.

Personal gaming update

I had only been playing Rainbow Moon up until this past week, but two games came way: Sound Shapes and Darksiders II . You can catch the review for the latter on Tuesday night (and feel free to read the Vigil Games interview ), but you should've read the Sound Shapes one by now. That's a great game, right there. The loose platforming pissed me off but it's just so unique and artistic; gotta love the polish and ambition. As for DSII, I think I'm about 10 hours in now and I want to play some more, but Sleeping Dogs is waiting, too…

I think after this week, I'll kick off the next leg of our So You Think You Can Review Video Games contest, with Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs as the targets. Okay, maybe the following week…people need time to play, yes? ­čśë

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