Finally got a new game to play…not that I was getting tired of Rainbow Moon or anything. ­čśë

Assassin's Creed III is lookin' good

There has yet to be a time when I see footage or information pertaining to ACIII and I end up disappointed. In fact, every time I see or hear about this game, I just get more and more encouraged. The latest, a video displaying the prowess of Ubisoft's proprietary AnvilNext engine , is quite impressive. This franchise has always been known for its unparalleled environments and atmospheres, and I've personally noticed and appreciated the unbelievably fluid and authentic way the main character moves. And to think that all of that will be even better this time around…? WOW.

I love the combination of freedom and stunning ambiance, and this is part of the reason I say Dishonored will be another Game of the Year contender . These two titles are just so ambitious and so progressive; they attempt to give the gamer just about everything he could desire, while still maintaining a distinct structure that separates it from the purely freedom-oriented concepts, like MMOs. I can't wait for both these games.

I don't think I want a Twisted Metal without David Jaffe

So although Twisted Metal didn't exactly tank, it wasn't a runaway hit, either. Since its release David Jaffe has gone on to other things, and he recently posted a detailed update concerning the future of the esteemed series. In that update, he said he didn't know if Sony was currently working on another installment and if they were, he wasn't involved. He did say he wouldn't mind coming back to the franchise after his new studio had produced a few "successful new IPs," but I have to say…I don't want a TM without Jaffe. I mean, I think this is more his series than God of War ever was, and I believe he feels the same way.

I could be completely wrong, but everything about TM kinda reflects what we know about Jaffe. He loves that kind of game and he sees a lot of video game purity in it. So without him, I really think it would lose its edge. Oh, and I remember when Jaffe and Co. stopped after TM2 and 989 Studios took over for TM3 and TM4…the result was not favorable. For the record, 989 pulled the same crap with the Jet Moto s after the original ruled.

Personal gaming update

So as you may know if you've been following along on Twitter , I have Darksiders II to play. I can't say anything about it just yet, as the embargo is the launch date (August 14), but maybe I'll risk a progress report Tweet later tonight… I should also have Sleeping Dogs this week as well, and I have high hopes for that one, despite a few lingering reservations. I'm not sure if DSII can keep me away from Rainbow Moon for very long, but we'll see. This sucker has tons of potential.

I've also decided that Square Enix can announce Final Fantasy XIII-3 if they want. I don't really care. I really had a lot of fun with FFXIII-2, but I still say they should change the damn title. It isn't Final Fantasy and they should know that. Call it anything else and I guarantee you'll have a lot more backers (and a lot fewer complainers from the die-hard FF fans).

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