Everyone is wondering what Sony might do to stun the crowd during their E3 press conference next week.

There are plenty of rumors but for the most part, nobody really expects to see the PlayStation 4 unveiled. That being said, we have reason to believe they might allude to the next generation in regards to one of the brand's signature franchises…talk about a bombshell.

Naughty Dog is currently working on The Last Of Us for the PS3. We also heard the team had been split in two so one group could handle this exciting new IP, and the other could begin work on the fourth Uncharted installment. Now, there are also rumors that support the idea of the next round of consoles hitting later in 2013. If you play this out to a semi-logical conclusion, one could see Uncharted 4 hitting in late 2013 (two years after Uncharted 3 , which was two years after Uncharted 2 ), and it'd be just in time for the PS4.

We heard, perhaps accidentally in an email, that in fact, the fourth Uncharted is being made for "future generation" hardware, with the added implication that Sony wanted Naughty Dog to launch The Last Of Us first, so they could save the next Uncharted for the PS4. Just bear in mind that the source is not affiliated with Sony in any way, so that little slip might be entirely meaningless. Then again, as we said, the reasoning does seem sound, even if it's still implausible.

Implausible, though not necessarily impossible.

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