Weird week. Can't really go into specifics but it was interesting. 🙂

Lollipop Chainsaw better not suck

Some people really don't like the campy, cheesy, unabashedly oversexed style. They find no appeal in it whatsoever and that's perfectly understandable. But I've always thought that such stuff was downright hilarious, which is why I can't wait to try Lollipop Chainsaw ; any game that doesn't take itself too seriously deserves a smile or two. With all the grit and realism and drama that so many games embrace these days, it's nice to sit back and enjoy an experience that doesn't give two sh**s about offending anyone and is happy to be its own brainless, carefree self.

The game comes out on June 12 and I have to say, I'm excited. However, part of that is just because I haven't played a true-blue hack-'em-up action game in a while. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus doesn't count, either. I had already played that game like three times going into that review, damnit.

Naughty Dog is teasing us…it's almost painful

I know we haven't seen any gameplay, but the two trailers we have are just so mind-blowing, it's tough to imagine disappointing in-action footage. Has anybody noticed that there's a singular note of authenticity in those trailers? If you look at the truck ambush trailer , it seems obvious to me: It's a highly accomplished combination of visual presentation, acting, timing, and choreography. In my mind, Naughty Dog blends this all together better than any other developer in existence, which is why their productions are typically a step above. Something like The Last Of Us just feels like more progression, much like Uncharted .

This is also why I think The Last Of Us could end up being the best-looking title of the generation . I really don't see anything topping it with the current round of hardware, although I suppose God of War: Ascension and whatever Quantic Dream has brewing has a shot…

Personal gaming update

I'd like to say it's all about Max Payne 3 but not quite; I've got to handle Sorcery and Gravity Rush (embargoes up this week) so I haven't been able to finish the bad-ass Rockstar title. But anyway, the game is great; the only reason I couldn't give it a solid 9 is just because I find some of the hitches and glitches (and the cheapness of the AI late in the game) to be a tad disconcerting. Other than that, it's sheer awesomeness. I even like the multiplayer and I don't say that often.

I think Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is also out this week, so it'll be busy for me. Speaking of which, I've noticed that so many of the comments here at PSXE are pretty long, as are many of the forum posts. We typically take questions from the community for interviews and stuff, but I'm thinking we might want to give the readers a bigger platform. In the same vein as the Call of Duty guest editorials , I'll open up the floor to interested gamers.

If there's a topic that you're passionate about, if you feel the need to speak out, send it to me and I'll consider publishing it on the site. If you know someone who has always wanted to make a statement in the public eye (beyond forums), let them know; I only ask that they visit the site and see how we do things before submitting. So many of you guys know so much, and are so passionate about certain topics, I don't see why the better-voiced opinions shouldn't be published. 🙂