It's only fair.

Last week, we asked those who really despised Call of Duty to provide us with a guest editorial describing why you hate CoD so much; the only caveat was that it couldn't be hostile or inflammatory, and it should also be insightful and relatively well-written.

Well, we ended up publishing two such pieces – one was a creative piece of fiction and the other appropriately warned against the dangers of an industry monopoly – and now it's time to give the opposite camp a shot. The same rules apply; just check the link above.

Write it up, and then submit your piece supporting, defending and promoting Call of Duty to me at:


Remember, it should be of a normal length for an article (check other editorials on our site for reference), and it must be informed, civil, and well-written. If yours fits this criteria and grabs our attention, it will be published with your name as author. It's as simple as that. Just bear in mind that you'll need a thick skin…we don't have a ton of CoD followers here at PSXE, and they're bound to take issue with some things you have to say.

But we'll make sure flaming is quickly eliminated. So feel free to send your best work and defend one of your favorite franchises!