Starhawk this week and then Max Payne 3 …two games I can't wait to try. ­čÖé

I suppose we have to talk about Black Ops II

Now that we have the official announcement , I guess it's a law that we need to discuss Call of Duty: Black Ops II . My impressions of the debut trailer are as follows: There are some parts of it that do look dated to my eyes, and I don't think I'm the only one (I still think that EA manager said it looked "tired" because of this), but I'm still intrigued. Treyarch has delivered on the campaign front; World at War and Black Ops were very entertaining and well constructed. No, I'm not really into multiplayer so I'm focusing on what nobody cares about.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the game is already burning up the pre-order charts , but even so, it's getting just a tad tiring. I remember getting a little bored at the Guitar Hero hullabaloo, too, but that didn't last quite as long, I don't think. Oh well, maybe Activision will do what EA said they'll do…kill off another billion-dollar franchise by mismanaging it. But I kinda doubt it. Doesn't seem possible.

I hope Dead or Alive 5 gets some respect

I'm not a fighting fan and yet, I've always enjoyed the Dead or Alive series. The purists out there will just roll their eyes and scoff, saying there are only two reasons I like it: 1. the ease and accessibility, and 2. The chicks. #2 is incorrect; I've never played a game simply for the sake of staring at hot virtual characters, and I probably never will. It can be a bonus , but it never factors into a purchase decision. As for the accessibility, yeah, I admit it. It was always easier for me to pick up and play. But that doesn't mean the games had no depth, and it didn't mean that button-mashing would win the day. Anybody who tried that against me would invariably lose.

But if the whole "bounciness" aspect gets all the press, then I'm afraid DoA5 will once again get zero respect. Actually, in some ways, I wonder if Lollipop Chainsaw will have the same problem…they could produce a surprisingly in-depth action game that has some substance to it but of course, nobody will notice because of Juliet and Jessica Nigri. But then again, maybe that really will be a button-masher.

Personal gaming update

Still lying in wait for the two games mentioned above ( Starhawk and Max Payne 3 ), and working my way through Shadow of the Colossus in HD. Mortal Kombat for the Vita was excellent and I had a lot of fun playing it, but I can't keep playing it the way I can with the DoA games. Not sure why. Too combo-heavy and demanding on the fingers, maybe. I'm also in the process of trying to nail down multiple interviews; you know about one of them already: Amanda Mackay .

Maybe we should start some new interview segment exclusively dedicated to gaming girls, because they tend to come to us. Mia Rose, Jo Garcia, Mackay…I sought none of them, but they all ended up in my email in some capacity. Or their agents/managers/PR people, anyway. In this case, I'm not really familiar with the interviewee as I don't watch Spike TV that often, but I'm sure I can figure out a few questions. Oh, and I think they're taping the interview and they'll send it to me when it's done, so I should be able to throw it up on our YouTube Channel.

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