Call of Duty: Black Ops II comes out on November 13. It'll sell like crazy because it's Call of Duty . Even day-one pre-order sales were through the roof .

Now, most analysts and journalists agree that the only game left this generation that could feasibly challenge any Call of Duty title in the overall sales category is Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V . But recently, we've heard evidence that supports the idea that GTAV might actually arrive this year, which is contrary to earlier reports that the hotly anticipated title wouldn't launch until 2013. Specifically, the rumor is that GTAV lands on store shelves some time in October or November.

Given the sheer power of the Grand Theft Auto brand, many have said Take-Two doesn't care when the new entry arrives because, quite frankly, nothing can compete. But if it's October/November of this year, can even the iconic strength of GTA withstand the ridiculous popularity of CoD? The games would be coming out relatively close to one another, and other competition ( Assassin's Creed III , Bioshock Infinite , Halo 4 , Borderlands 2 , etc.) exists as well. So if gamers are to prioritize in their spending – as they generally do – would the CoD craze squeeze out a few potential GTAV sales?

CoD is a phenomenon and we haven't seen a GTA since 2008. Multiplayer is the name of the game these days, and while we're certain GTAV will have a multiplayer option, it's not all about online fun. Quite the contrary in fact. And when you pit it against the reigning kingpin of the industry for the past four years running, it's hard to believe GTAV wouldn't be a little affected. Then again, maybe the fact that the two games in question are so very different should be taken into consideration. It's not shooter vs. shooter, like last year's Battlefield 3 / Modern Warfare 3 war. And even then, BF3 sold quite well, yes?

Maybe it really doesn't matter when GTAV hits. Then again…maybe it does… What say you?

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