I've been out of town for a few days, but that really hasn't affected the site much. It's one of those vacations where you don't leave work behind. 😉

I would really love a new TimeSplitters

Crytek let everyone down easy with their humorous rejection of a TimeSplitters 4 project. But I was actually more disappointed than I thought I'd be when I read it. After a while, I stumbled upon the reason- These days, just about all shooters are deadly serious. They're gritty, realistic, and exactly the opposite of lighthearted. I still like them and I typically play them (just not online), but the almost complete lack of a shooter like TimeSplitters is depressing. The franchise always made me smile; it was entertaining without taking itself seriously for a second. Crysis is great, but it's nothing like TS.

I loved the idea of traveling through time – which they could very easily build upon with current technology – and both the weapons and overall game design was really quite charming. It had a color and a style and a general presentation that was just fun . There were no technical or political statements to make and it was not military-based. I just really think that above all else, the FPS genre needs a TimeSplitters resurrection.

Mirror's Edge 2 is something else we need

Speaking of games I think we really need, I hope DICE starts cranking on a Mirror's Edge sequel soon. I was excited to hear that DICE and EA are both still interested in such a project, because the original presented us with one of the most promising foundations of the generation. Sure, it had its problems, but that's typically what happens when you fiddle around with a fresh concept. While the first-person view was nothing new, the mechanics and design was indeed innovative and a great more could be done with it. Done correctly, a follow-up effort could really blow people away.

The only thing I'd worry about is if the developers took the wrong cue from this generation and turned it into a pure FPS. Do that, and I lose all interest. I'm just worried that EA might say, "Yeah, the sequel could sell more copies if it was a slick FPS." You know, say it's still "acrobatic" by implementing the Brink movement, but of course, it would feel just like a shooter. …and really, no thank you.

Personal gaming update

As I said above, I've been out of town so I haven't been playing much. The ridiculous part is that the first time I leave after getting the Vita, I don't freakin' bring the thing. LOL But anyway, I'm really looking forward to Max Payne 3 , which is now only a few weeks away; after checking out a few more behind-the-scenes videos, I'm convinced it'll be a Game of the Year contender. The way they're blending cut-scenes with the action is very Naughty Dog-like, and I'm sure the story will be a highlight. That's something that draws me, because I've been missing that recently.

But speaking of storylines, I'm also certain Bioshock Infinite will deliver. Lastly, I'm not sure if Pachter is right about Grand Theft Auto V launching on October 23 , but I'm almost not sure I want it to…if it does, I'll once again be totally overworked between October and November. You'd think one game couldn't make such a big difference, but a giant title like GTA really can. Oh well…guess we'll have to wait and see.