Happy Easter! Forgive the lateness of the posting; I was…busy.

Okay Rockstar, spill it

You know, that's the only thing that went through my head when I read through all that supposed leaked information concerning Rockstar's future projects. I'm not really questioning the source (although I'm sure it's not all 100% accurate, as interns aren't exactly given access to all sorts of secrets), but it made me realize that I've been pining for some information concerning Grand Theft Auto V and the next Red Dead . They had better be making the latter – and I'm relatively certain they are – and I can't wait to hear more about it. I'm hoping snippets will start to arrive after GTAV is officially unveiled.

As big a fan of GTA as I am, I have to admit that RDR had more of a lasting impact on me than GTAIV. RDR was just so epic and I'm really surprised I liked the Western theme that much. The game had to be pretty damn amazing, as I've never been a fan of Western movies or even that time in history. And it bugs me that we haven't heard any news at all of the new Red Dead . As for GTAV, I'm getting antsy there, too. Where's that official unveiling, damnit?

Of course the hardcore gamers will support physical media

Wedbush Securities says the hardcore gamers aren't ready to abandon physical media . Well, duh . Unless the industry forcefully rips all physical media away from us (and only because the vast majority don't want it anymore and it's no longer a viable form), we're always gonna want those discs (or whatever). Collections go way beyond digital files on a video screen. It's not just about having something to play; it's about having something to look at and admire; that's what a collection is . I also don't see why physical media and digital can't coexist the way they do now…although I'm sure digital will eventually win out, as saddened as I am by that fact.

In the age of digital everything, it just seems like so much of the real is disappearing. Things we can feel, taste, smell, etc.; it's all being pushed aside in favoring other, more baser instincts and sensations. Anybody who honestly believes that talking to someone on Facebook is the same as interacting face-to-face is a poor product of this system and nothing more. They're deprived. And as far as I'm concerned, anyone who considers themselves a "collector" in the future with nothing tangible , is equally deprived. The physical at least has some semblance of soul .

Personal gaming update

Been focusing too much on work and other things this past week, so I haven't been able to make much progress. Basically just playing the same games I've been playing in 2012, although I did really enjoy I Am Alive . Don't be turned off by the minor mechanical issues; it's all about the atmosphere and I think Ubisoft delivers.

For the future, expect more interviews coming up (conscious effort to do many more this year), and the kick-off of our user review ongoing giveaway, which will give a lot of people a great chance to earn experience if they're looking to crack into the industry. That's right, the reward might involve a lot more than just the occasional game here and there…

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