All right. What the hell was that ?

Hey, look, I'll admit: this one hooked me. And after playing the demo, I was 90% convinced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 would be the very first FF title I didn't complete since FFVI (by the way, I do not count FFXI, FFXIV, or Crystal Chronicles ). And yet, it got me and 60+ hours later, with the determination to grab all the Fragments still burning, I go and finish the main storyline in FFXIII-2.

No spoilers here, don't worry. But I mean, you've got to be kidding me. The ending was expertly choreographed and presented, as per Square Enix's strength, but it wasn't bittersweet like FFXIII's ending; it was just plain sad . I don't want to be depressed at the end of a Final Fantasy , damnit! I really, really don't. Worse, they go and throw the "to be continued" at me as if I just finished part one of a freakin' sitcom. I did a little research on the meaning behind that unsatisfying ending, but it didn't really help.

It seems Square Enix says this is incentive for us to see all the Paradox Endings, which are available to be viewed (with a little work) once you finish the game and obtain the Paradox Scope. They also say a lot more downloadable content is coming, including one that "significantly" fleshes out Lightning's storyline. They wouldn't say if FFXIII-3 was in the works, although I suppose it's possible. So I understand the reasoning behind this ending but even so, it left a bad taste in my mouth and prior to this, that had never happened with any game in this franchise.

The only good part about this whole thing is that I was able to play all the final battles with Lightning in my party, because I beat her in the Coliseum, maxed her out, and Infused her to the gills so she became a combat machine (gotta love Army of One). So at least it felt like I had three characters in my party rather than two characters and a monster. But that ending…man, don't do that again, Square Enix. Just don't.