Still trying to get caught up with Vita stuff and Mass Effect 3 . I'll also be part of a conference call for Journey on Monday (already finished the game). …so yeah, still pretty busy.

Do we sense any dissension in the Call of Duty ranks?

Throughout most of last year, I'd say the buzz among the CoD aficionados was pretty damn positive. Every last one of them was looking forward to Modern Warfare 3 – or so it seemed to me – and of course, the game shattered records, as anticipated. But now that evidence exists for Black Ops 2 , I'm sensing a slight disturbance in the force…as if the unflappable and always happy franchise followers are getting a tad uncomfortable. I've heard many say it's about time for a new engine. I've heard others say they didn't really want another sequel; they had expected something new from Treyarch, as that studio has delivered standalone CoD experiences in the past.

Overall, I'm sort of getting this weird vibe that this year's Call of Duty entry might not be a 100% good in the eyes of the fanatics. And that's saying something, isn't it? I could definitely be wrong but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Grand Theft Auto V was the ultimate sales winner in 2012.

I couldn't be more excited for Assassin's Creed III

After reading all those excellent details , I'm just itching to get my hands on this one. Colonial America in AC? Oh come on . Granted, I'm a super huge fan of Italy and Italian history (and history in general), which is why I've loved past entries, but to have our country portrayed in such a rich, accurate atmosphere? Can anyone remember a time when any video game has attempted any such thing? Those of you unfamiliar with the series in question should understand that Ubisoft always goes to extreme lengths to immerse the player in a realistic world. A living breathing 18th-century America is just begging to be explored, I think. Besides, it should prove to be a very interesting story, too…

Now, I have to admit, I've never really played the AC games for the story; I've played them mostly for the gameplay. It's not that the narrative was lacking, per se, it's just that I was always absorbed by the open-world, stealth-based mechanics that I adore. This time around, though, I'm hoping for a storyline that grabs me from the start.

Personal gaming update

As I mentioned above, I've completed Journey (sorry, not allowed to talk about it just yet) and I've got some questions for Thatgamecompany Monday afternoon. Mass Effect 3 is also keeping me busy…and again, sorry, I can't talk about it yet. What I can talk about: I had great fun with SSX ; strongly recommended provided you can handle the somewhat frustrating difficulty in later levels. And what's the deal with no split-screen multiplayer? Way better than Asphalt: Injection at any rate. Oh, and I'm nearing the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2 ; I got Lightning from the Colisuem, too, and I turned her into a beast of a combat machine. I just love her. I'm also playing Hot Shots on the Vita when I get the chance.

This week, look for that ME3 review, along with a few more Vita reviews ( ModNation Racers: Road Trip and Dungeon Hunter: Alliance , I think), and then things might level off just a tad. Ever since the Vita launch, I've been going a million miles an hour. The sun still exists, right? …great, I just gave the idiots more ammunition . 😉