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I like Ninja Theory's unapologetic style

While many fans of the franchise in question still bemoan Dante's new design (and I'm one of those who dislike the "emo" style), I have to say I appreciate the developer's stoic attitude throughout all the backlash. They haven't dismissed fan complaints; they've correctly acknowledged them and responded firmly. Capcom had to approve any new artistic creations; publisher and designer continue to work closely, so people need to remember that. Secondly, they've flat-out said they're not a Japanese team and they're not about to apologize for that. They have their own artists with their own influences, and by the way, they've produced a couple great titles this generation.

Whether you agree with their stance or not is irrelevant. I just like the stick-to-your-guns position, which I wish I'd seen from certain Japanese developers this generation. They've all been trying to be something they're not and Ninja Theory is flat-out saying it's silly to do any such thing. Stick to what you know, do what you're good at; that will give you the best result. Attempting to mimic other designers immediately puts you at a disadvantage. Artistry should flow; it shouldn't be forced.

And yet, Capcom feels a little out of touch…

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is set for March 20, and I appreciate that Capcom has made the following clarification: it isn't an official part of the series; it's just a spin-off. But what I'm not quite understanding is why they think that such an effort will have no impact on hardcore, die-hard franchise fans . You know, it does. Even if they understand what it is – an attempt at getting different kinds of gamers attracted to the series – they still feel like they're being ignored. On top of which, how can you tell us Resident Evil 6 has "more action" and still claim to be catering to the long-time followers?

I must be missing something. Maybe RE6 will be more survival/horror than we all think, but I doubt it. Capcom has already relabeled it; calling it "dramtic horror," and I'm not sure I understand the distinction…I guess one is just slower-paced and relies more on the atmosphere and adventure elements rather than third-person shooting. And I still fail to see how the direction they're taking RE won't annoy fans. I don't get that.

Personal gaming update

Had to stop playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 for a while so I could tackle a couple new games- NeverDead and The Darkness II . As you can see, NeverDead was less than mediocre and that's really disappointing, because it really had a fantastic concept. Gotta love the idea, but gotta hate the crap-ass execution. I can't really talk about The Darkness II yet (I think all info is embargoed until Tuesday), but I hope they won't mind me saying- the game is fun . And it's sick . There's just so much I want to say, but I gotta save it…

This week, I'll also have to tackle Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning , which seems to have potential. I guess Curt Schilling is a little nervous but that's to be expected. This industry is very unforgiving when it comes to newcomers; either make a great game or die. Sadly, that's very often the required stipulation. I think Curt understand that. At any rate, the demo was pretty interesting , so I'm looking forward to playing more.

Lastly, stay tuned for info on the new PSXE Show, which should be airing soon in the PlayStation Home Community Theater.

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