Chrono Trigger is a timeless classic. Chrono Cross is not only one of the best RPGs ever, it's also one of the best games ever. Ask any role-playing fan.

And for a while there, two big Square-based rumors were going on: one involved the Final Fantasy VII remake, which we now know will never happen. The other concerned what was supposed to be the third Chrono installment but for some reason, that just fizzled and died.

A whole lot of projects didn't make it off the drawing board in this industry, so this isn't a strange phenomenon. But I was thinking the other day…if Final Fantasy fans are puzzled and even downright pissed off, they often recall the good ol' days of Squaresoft and immediately hope for sequels to games like Vagrant Story . And what about Secret of Mana ? We got Legend of Mana on the PS1 but that was it. Why not restore some fan faith by revisiting a recognized gem from yesteryear?

Honestly, I can't think of a pair of RPGs that are regarded with more esteem (outside the FF series) than CT and CC. Suikoden is close in my mind, but that's more personal. In general, if you talk to RPG fans the world over, gamers and critics alike, the one game they wished they got was the oft-rumored "Chrono Break." The name kept bouncing around, year after year, until finally it just stopped bouncing…or maybe it bounced right off a cliff. Either way, it disappeared and I really don't think it should've.

What happened? Were they close to complete and the bigwigs at Square Enix looked at it, saw it was turn-based, and promptly threw it in the garbage bin for being "old-fashioned?" You know, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this wasn't far from the truth.

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