Unbelievably, another year has gone by (time went fast!) and it's once again time to wish everyone out there a very happy holiday and a Merry Christmas.

In a year that saw the debut of the PSXE Show in PlayStation Home (which is already on its 7th episode and has spawned t-shirts for your avatars), the introduction of our YouTube Channel, more eclectic interviews ranging from Insomniac to Playboy model Jo Garcia, and more members than ever before, the PSXE staff once again thanks all its valued readers.

We will continue to bring you the very best PlayStation coverage in 2012, which is shaping up to be another exciting year. More big games, the possible announcement of the PS4, and other events might be in store, and we hope all our readers will be along for the ride. We'll come up with more giveaways, and as always, you are free to post in the Comments and Forums if you wish to become involved in the ongoing discussions here at PSXE. Also, don't forget to submit your User Reviews and even wallpaper designs, if you so choose.

Thanks to all. We'd never get anywhere without you. ­čÖé

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