This year, one topic dominated headlines: Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 .

Sure, it took a variety of different forms – EA/DICE vs. Activision/Infinity Ward, BF vs. CoD fans, third-parties commenting on the war, etc. – but nevertheless, the battle between these two shooters was a continual subject of debate.

Now, I got bored really fast. I still had to report the news so it was impossible to ignore it entirely, and I got bored rapidly .  Hell, I was bored by August. And with both games over a month behind us now, I was taking a deep breath and looking forward to 2012. Different headlines, different popular topics, different discussions. But wait… We're definitely going to get another CoD entry right around the holidays, and if EA is serious about contending with the Battlefield franchise, don't they need to do the same thing…?

They can't afford to skip a year. EA just said they probably gained some market share ; won't they lose everything they gained if another Call of Duty easily dominates the holiday season with no offering from their primary competition? Wouldn't EA task DICE with pumping out another Battlefield installment? I mean, they've already got that fancy new engine; all they really have to do is tweak and refine. CoD desperately needs a new engine but there's no chance in hell Activision will miss a year.

But here's the silver lining (I hope): if this does turn into an annual contest, it'll quickly lose some of its appeal. It just reminds me of one of those old sports battles; i.e., the new Madden vs. the new NFL 2K . That gets a little tiring, even for the most die-hard fans. But even so, I would really hope to see something new grabbing the majority of headlines in 2012.

Anything .

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