Things have finally eased up. I'm in my new place, the review craziness is over…time to revel a bit in the holidays. ­čÖé

Let's not forget: Ninja Theory ain't bad

Being a big Devil May Cry fan, I was just as annoyed as anyone when I saw the new heroin-addict Dante design. But you know, there are two things we have to take into account: firstly, Ninja Theory is a damn fine developer in my eyes; both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West were great. Secondly, the new gameplay floating around out there is impressive. I'm still not sure we see all the depth we saw in past DMC entries, but I do believe the designers have captured the look, flow and feel of combat. And that's critical.

Another video highlighting new gameplay footage dropped, and while I still say it isn't much of an RPG, I'm sure Final Fantasy XIII-2 will work out fine. I'm one of the few people who thought FFX-2 was a great game, so I don't necessarily have anything against sequels.

Itagaki is never worried about anything

Tomonobu Itagaki has expressed anger, but I've never seen him act concerned. It just isn't his style. And while I think there's plenty to be worried about in regards to the current Western domination of gaming, you just had to love this guy's classic reaction . I can just picture him doing it, too. In that interview, he seemed his typical laid-back, cocky self. He basically says, "yeah, we're working with Westerners now (his allying with THQ) but so what?" Provided they just respect the differences between Japanese and Western and they work hard, who cares?

I'm just wondering if he wasn't overcompensating a little when he gave that cool, sunglasses-off, "no, I'm not worried" reply. I mean, you might want to be a touch concerned, although I imagine the world's love of shooters might help him with his new project, Devil's Third . It's in third-person, yes, but there are still plenty of guns. ­čśë

Personal gaming update

I'm nearing the end of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception , which is depressing 'cuz the game rules the school. When I finish, I can go back to Catherine (no, I haven't finished it yet, damnit) or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . By the way, the reason I wrote that article is because I find it embarrassing. Many years of reviewing games, hundreds of reviews, and never have I encountered such a troublesome situation. You feel like Bethesda cheated you, the critic, but at the same time, you recognize the inherent genius of the game. It's tough.

We should have the next episode of the PSXE Show done this week, so look out for that, and I think I'll try to get a review done for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection . It'll be super late but people keep asking for it. Also-

Interview Alert

You'll probably remember our article concerning gamer and model Jo Garcia , which got quite the response. Jo responded on Twitter within minutes of the article going live. Well, we figured we should give her a chance to talk more about the subject we started, so we'll be chatting with her on Tuesday.

As usual, we get you guys involved with most interviews, so feel free to post up suggested questions in the comments below. Not sure how many I'll take, so don't be disappointed if I don't use your question. ­čÖé Obviously, any inappropriate questions won't be considered.

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