Black Friday is over and I'm happy to say I didn't buy a damn thing. ­čśë

People will always complain about women in video games

Apparently, developers can't create a female character that avoids all negative scrutiny. Someone somewhere somehow will always find something potentially offensive. I couldn't believe that anyone would have a problem with Quantic Dream's depiction of Madison Paige in Heavy Rain . That could very well be one of the most authentic, realistic, sympathetic female characters in any video game ever. She was not over-sexualized. They didn't use her for the sake of sex appeal. That's crap.

She was a normally formed young woman who did what she had to do. She was an investigative journalist with a brain and a heart, and yeah, she just might sleep in a t-shirt and panties. Honestly, if people are going to complain about that character, we should just stop trying. The PC police will never be satisfied.

Square Enix has been taken over by pod people

It's the only explanation I can reach. I've seen questionable business decisions and development ideas before; I've never seen such a consistently bizarre industry and company outlook. First they say they need faster development cycles (yep, quantity over quality) and now they say sequels "have a lot of merit" compared to doing an all-new adventure? No, the only "merit" is that it's faster. That's it. It's true that other franchises always thrive on recognizable environments and characters but we're talking about Final Fantasy . It's completely different.

The fans want one thing. You want to give them something else. Why ? And why do you continually bring up Call of Duty and the western market? Have you ever once tried just doing what you used to be good at? I've never heard of a company ditching a winning formula without that formula first having floundered; the "if it ain't broke" philosophy works beautifully until it doesn't work anymore . But S-E didn't even-! I mean-!

'sigh' I can't talk about it.

Personal gaming update

I've been busy with other things so I've only played a little more of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception . I think I'm on Chapter 14; I'm trying to savor it. I love the characters and the action, and I'm really not getting these complaints about pacing. No idea where that's even coming from; sounds just like another excuse to find fault but whatever. It's fantastic. I might also try to finally finish Catherine . I haven't forgotten that great story and I really want to see how it ends.

By the way, we haven't forgotten about our questions to Square Enix concerning FFXIII-2. I keep nagging the PR woman who has been good about trying, but no responses yet. Just be patient…I'll get 'em. They won't get rid of me. Also, as a surprising percentage of readers might pick up a PSXE t-shirt, we might have an announcement on that at some point. Lastly, we'll get going on the next PSXE Show and announce a new party in Home. The review blitz just sidetracked us.

Oh, and if I think it's something people want to read, I might talk to Jo Garcia (if she's willing). Regardless of what some people think, that article was never meant to be insulting, and she's been keeping up with us on Twitter. So anyway, that's the update. ­čÖé

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