Oh come on, you've played this before: you're on a desert island and you can only have… Remember?

Okay, so let's make two assumptions. First, let's just assume we've never done an article like this before; I'm sure we have, but I'm tired and I think we should have a little relaxing fun after Black Friday. Second, let's assume the desert island has one magical socket plugged into a tree somewhere that grants you everlasting electricity. Oh, and some nice elf gives you an HDTV that will never die.

So you can bring one game. This negates the idea of bringing a backwards compatible console, 'cuz you only get one game to play until you die. What's it gonna be and why? For a long time, I thought I'd go with Super Mario All-Stars , even if that sounds a little like cheating (all the 2D Marios on one cartridge, so it's like four games in one). I just figured I could get the most amount of long-term fun because those games never stop being fun.

But the problem is that as great as those classics are, they just don't have the substance I'll need for the rest of my life. And that being the case, I just need my favorite game of all time, Final Fantasy Tactics . For whatever reason, I can play it forever and it'll never get old or boring. Besides, although I've long since mastered and learned everything, there's just endless experimenting to be done with all those Job classes. There's the longevity; you could spend eons doing that!

So what game is it for you? Remember, only one . ­čśë

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