'whew' The move is done and the review blitz is finally wearing down. 🙂

The next PlayStation generation…what might we see?

It has become quite a hot topic over the past couple of months. This past week, we have the report that the new Xbox is set to launch in about a year's time, and internal Sony studios are already working on PS4 titles . Furthermore, if one of those teams is Guerrilla, Killzone 4 could very well be a PS4 launch title . Wouldn't that be insane? Hey, toss in Gran Turismo 6 for good measure; it seems impossible that GT6 could arrive for this generation, right? Come on, you can't help but be a little excited. It's only natural, my fellow gamers.

As happy as I am with the current generation of consoles, I suppose progress is both inevitable and positive. By the way, anybody remember that fake PS4 commercial ? Looks like a simple 3D ad these days, huh? But I remember getting goosebumps watching it; that's what an impending generation of new, unexplored technology does to people. I'm more about the software, though.

MGS5 might be the final amazing PS3 exclusive

Hideo Kojima isn't a big fan of Microsoft or the Xbox. He has made that clear in the past. He's also about to reveal more information concerning Metal Gear Solid 5 , which may end up being one of the last PS3 masterpieces. If it does arrive for this generation and it's as memorable as we all expect, we won't have any choice but to put MGS4/MGS5 just slightly ahead of Uncharted 2 / Uncharted 3 on that best PS3 exclusive list . Then again, what if Quantic Dream delivers their next project before the PS4 gets here? They should… It won't be Heavy Rain 2 but c'mon…it's Quantic Dream.

I think it's a little funny that once MGS5 is announced, the hardcore franchise fans will just forget about Metal Gear Solid: Rising . 😉

Personal gaming update

I've finally managed to start Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception , which is amazing as expected. I just wanted to get the big reviews out of the way – including Assassin's Creed: Revelations , which I will certainly go back to – and I also wanted to get the move out of the way. For the record, I'm out of an apartment complex and into a house I'm renting from my father. It passed into the family earlier this year and while small, it's on a ridiculous piece of property in the country where peace and quiet reign supreme. A few apple trees, a stream, a garage, and an office with an enviable view. 😉 Oh shut up, I've worked hard. And I have other goals and ambitions, too.

Anyway, we'll be shooting the next PSXE Show soon (had to take a break with the reviews and the process of moving), and remember to grab your PSXE t-shirt for your Home avatar ! Also, let me know if you really wouldn't mind paying for a real t-shirt…I was surprised to see quite a few saying they would, and maybe we could do that for our fans if enough people were interested.

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