Happy Halloween Eve, everyone. 🙂

Uh-oh…I just thought of something…

I was all ready to talk about BioWare's comments concerning the apparent maxing out of current consoles . But then I remembered the studio's encouraging statements concerning the optional multiplayer mode . Obviously, they fully understand that when it comes to Mass Effect , it's about the epic, story-driven, cinematic adventure first, and the multiplayer second. They get their fans (despite the depth hiccup with Dragon Age II ). But you know how Square Enix always seems out of touch and yet, at the same time, they're desperately trying to find ways to cater to Western gamers…?

Dear God, what happens when the light bulb goes on, they look at the industry and current trends, and they say- "Hey, that's how we make our loyal Final Fantasy fans happy in the West! We give 'em multiplayer!" Great. Another reason to turn the franchise away from its roots. By that time, it'll be a flat-out action game like Devil May Cry or something. 'sigh' I apologize for my bitterness.

So yeah, I'm excited for GTAV

It made my day to see the official announcement , especially when I saw that Rockstar would release a trailer on November 2. And I wanted to see what you guys thought about the current direction of the franchise; it began with the more realistic GTAIV and likely, the devs will take the next step with GTAV. So does the series work better when it doesn't take itself seriously ? Like Saints Row , for instance? I mean, everything you see about Volition's series is so over-the-top or blatantly tongue-in-cheek . And overall, my favorite GTA is Vice City , anyway.

Well, I'm probably gonna love GTAV, regardless. To me, it works great either way, and that's because Rockstar knows what they're doing. Oh, and people have asked me if I'm going to interview Sasha Grey or Nikki Benz for Saints Row: The Third , just because we've interviewed a pornstar before . The answer to that is no. Sorry. 🙂

Personal gaming update

So while Arnold got to play Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception , I have to wait to get my copy like everyone else. But I do plan to provide a review of my own at some point, as I've said. People seem to want a couple viewpoints on this massive game, so I'll do it (just not sure when). I did, however, get Battlefield 3 early and that's done. I'd play more online because it's great, but of course, I have no time. Besides, there's a game sitting here I'm going to play in a few minutes…

It's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . But listen, just so everyone knows- they sent me the Xbox 360 version for some reason. I'd like to think it's basically the same as the PS3 version, so I'll do the review based on what they sent me. I'll make a note of it at the top of the review, too. And of course, I expect to see Modern Warfare 3 soon as well, and November doesn't get any easier. It's just completely nuts.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Need for Speed: The Run, Saints Row: The Third, and that GoldenEye 007 remake have to get done somehow .