In the midst of a hectic fall, we're already enjoying some of the best games 2011 has to offer, with more to come.

I admit…I'm starting to look forward to the PS4

Just to be clear, I'm perfectly satisfied with the PS3 and I really don't need any new console for at least another year, possibly two. But being familiar with how these generations play out, and knowing we probably won't see many more huge technological leaps on the PS3…well, I've been thinking lately. And then I hear Sony internal studios might be working on game concepts for the PS4, and I have to admit, that surge of anticipation is there. It's mild but it's there; I felt it in 1999 when the stirrings surrounding the PS2 began to pique my interest, and I felt it again in early 2005 when the PS3 started to hit the media.

So maybe it's time to start the hype train again. I don't know. I do know I'll be happy with the PS3 for some time to come, and if Sony goes in a certain direction with the PS4, I may not care at all. If it's an all-digital machine, for instance, you can just kiss my ass. It'll take me some time to ease into a world where digital "products" rule everything.

So the Vita is locked and loaded for February 22

As most of you already know, I'm not a big portable fan. But even I've been disappointed in the lack of PSP titles lately (I try to keep up with reviews for new PSP games, but there just aren't many coming out anymore), and I've been impressed with Sony's new handheld. And this past week, we got the US launch date : February 22. Obviously, we'll be covering everything Vita-related for you, and I'll have to dive into the portable realm in order to do that. I'm not as excited as I will be for the PS4 but I still find it intriguing. The games I've seen for that thing are absolutely mind-blowing, even if I'm not sold on the touch idea yet.

New gadgetry doesn't always matter to me; in fact, outside of gaming, I really don't care in the slightest about phones and tablets and all that. Yeah, my phone is from 2004 and you know what? If I lost it tomorrow, I probably wouldn't notice for a few days. So…whatever. But the Vita is definitely a cool piece of technology and I want to give it a try.

Personal gaming update

As you heard in the fourth episode of the PSXE Show, I just couldn't get into Batman: Arkham Asylum . It's one of those strange things that doesn't make much sense. And while I could certainly play the amazing Batman: Arkham City , I'm once again faced with a huge amount of work. Plus, I have this driving desire to finally finish Catherine . This week, there's Battlefield 3 among other things and oh by the way, the embargo for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception actually lifts a week before the game releases. So as of tomorrow, you should start seeing some reviews. We'll make sure ours is one of the definitive pieces of analysis on the Internet before it gets posted.

As for BF3 vs. MW3, I'm bored. Whatever. They'll get reviewed the same as all the other games; that's all I can say.