Yes, I'm aware that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes out in the fall.

But I'm comparing it to what is commonly known as the "summer blockbuster" in movies. Think about it for a second. The summer blockbuster tends to have the following traits: massive mainstream appeal, flash over substance, a gigantic budget and a mammoth expected return, and hype that's through the roof. Now it seems like our industry has its own "summer blockbuster," and its name is Call of Duty .

But is that too insulting? Does it not give MW3 enough credit? There's almost no doubt that it'll be a great game, even if it probably won't be considered to be the best title of 2011. Many of the summer blockbusters have huge ticket sales but can't win over the critics. In fact, critics can slam films all they want; it doesn't seem to matter, as the sheeple that flock to the brainless movies obviously don't care what the reviewers say. And as we've said in the past, review scores for MW3 probably don't matter much.

In so many ways, gaming is starting to mirror the traits of Hollywood. Thankfully, most of the very popular games are still some of the best productions available, which is absolutely not the case when it comes to film. MW3 really is one of the very few games that might be immune to critic backlash. Even so, the fact remains: the "summer blockbuster" of video games is coming in a few weeks.

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