It was a busy week for reviews and I fear it won't get any easier for a while . 😉

How about a "Final Fantasy we all know and love?"

I suppose I could allow myself to be excited for Final Fantasy Versus XIII . But Nomura's quote has me skeptical, primarily because it seems Square Enix is doing everything they can to abandon any recognizable elements in the franchise. So yeah, we could be optimistic and say that a fresh take on the series; i.e., a "Final Fantasy you've never seen before," could be just what we need. It could magically appeal to the old-school fans and the modern-day gamers who don't even play RPGs. If you want to believe that, feel free. I'd love to believe it.

But why can't we just have what we want ? Why can't you just make a game that allows you to say, "it's a Final Fantasy the fans are gonna love"? We hear there will be some traditional RPG elements in Versus XIII , but completely altering the face of my favorite franchise? Why ? And how is that exciting? I have my action games. That's really not why I turn to Final Fantasy . That isn't why any fan turns to the series.

So…whaddya need to make a sequel?

It's hardly a shock, but Ninja Theory has confirmed they won't be making a second Enslaved . It sold around 730,000 copies, which actually isn't half-bad, despite the higher predictions. But then again, Heavenly Sword sold double that amount and we never saw a sequel for that, either. So what's it take, developers? And what's the criteria? How in God's name could Naughty Bear get a second effort? I don't know the sales numbers but I sincerely doubt it sold three-quarters of a million copies. How does this happen? And what would it take for Ninja Theory to ever make a sequel for anything ? A multi-million seller and 9+ across the board?

I know they're working on the Devil May Cry reboot and I have high hopes for that, but if it weren't for Capcom, what would Ninja Theory be cranking on right now? And is there any evidence for the idea that Heavenly Sword 2 is in the works at a different studio?

Personal gaming update

So in the past week or so, I completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution , Resistance 3 , and Limbo . The latter was bugging me for a while; I never found time to finish it. Now I'm whittling away at Catherine ; I'd love to complete it before October gets here. It may not happen, but I'd be all the way caught up if I could. Of course, I still have to check out Child of Eden and Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland this week, so that'll take some time. I'm interested to see how Atelier Totori came out.

I like White Knight Chronicles II , but I doubt I'll have the time to see it through to the end. I really don't understand the very low scores for that game. It has its problems but it's worth much more than a 5 or 6. I also really want Gears of War 3 , but that may have to wait until Christmas or something. There's just too much stuff on the horizon.

Also, we're done with Episode #6 of the PSXE Show, which we'll send over early this week.  We'll let you know the time of the party, which we haven't done in a while. 🙂

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