Okay, so there's a rumor going around that Square Enix's revisiting of Final Fantasy X could actually be an overhauled remake .

Of course, there are no sources or evidence in the European article and the translation is iffy, but can you imagine what might happen if Square Enix fiddled with the gameplay? Of course it won't happen; it won't happen because we're looking at a high-definition gloss and not a remake (I firmly believe that). It also won't happen because the world would explode and the debris would land squarely on every Square Enix office around the globe.

I know they're desperately trying to remove all traces of the term "role-playing" from Final Fantasy in order to cater to the twitchy action gamers over here in the West. I know they think all of us just play Call of Duty and have no interest in the idea of an "archaic" turn-based RPG. But there must remain some executives at that company who fully understand the concept of a timeless classic, especially because Squaresoft used to create them on a routine basis. They wouldn't dare let anything happen to FFX, right?

Besides, it would take a ton of work to overhaul FFX to the point where it plays like FFXIII. That just isn't going to happen so get the idea out of your head. It's impractical and illogical but above all else, it's idiotic . Might as well ask Hideo Kojima to turn MGS2 and MGS3 into third-person shooters for the upcoming HD Collection.

There's a development discussion that would go over well.