It was a big week, what with the Tokyo Game Show and all, but I'll keep things simple for the recap. ­čÖé

I guess Americans hate colors

If you really start to think about it, it's one of the strangest phenomena of the industry: Americans just never get many color options for their gaming hardware. They get a few for their accessories, but that's about it. How come Japan gets everything? A whole bunch of designer colors for the Vita ? Heck, even Europeans get that slick Ceramic White PS3 . And then there are the awesome unique systems that coincide with a big game launch, like that FFXIII-2 Lightning Ver. 2 PS3 . And we're still sitting here, stuck with one damn color for the PS3. I get the feeling we won't see those Vita colors, either.

What's going on? What market research did Sony conduct that found that gamers in the US don't care about such things? Yeah, it's only cosmetic but it'd be nice to have a choice . Hell, if it was something like that Lightning-branded PS3, I might've sprung for it, even though I already had a relatively new Slim. I just wish someone would explain this to me.

Okay, FFX in HD…I can live with that

In my estimation, it was the biggest news of TGS 2011. Sure, we learned more about the Vita and stuff like that, but Final Fantasy X in high-definition just made my week. On the downside, it only solidified my theory that we'll never see a FFVII remake. We're seeing tons of PS2 classics receiving the high-def upgrade this generation, but it just isn't happening with PS1 classics. Look at the new MGS HD Collection; that won't have the original because Konami and Kojima said it would simply be too difficult to do. And I'm sure that's the case with FFVII or any PS1 title. It would have to be a complete remake; not just a visual overhaul.

Still, I loved FFX. It was the last FF that actually looked and played like Final Fantasy (what with the traditional combat setting). I really liked FFXII, too – it was an RPG, after all – but for different reason. And I never minded the linearity of FFX; I liked the story and I really liked the gameplay. It was also a beautiful production; even prettier than other games in the series, like FFVIII and XII. FFX in HD? Yeah, I'll take it.

Personal gaming update

So I'm done with Resistance 3 and I'm nearing the end of Deus Ex: Human Revolution . I've given up on any ideas of finishing Catherine due to the workload that waits just around the corner, but I'm having fun with White Knight Chronicles II . I need to play a lot more before I can write a review, but all I can say to all you RPG fans is- I get it. I think I get why you love the game. But I won't jump to any other conclusions just yet.

Also, expect reviews for Atelier Totori , the RE4 and RE:CV HD installments on the Network, and a couple more games are waiting in the wings: Rage and Dark Souls , both of which launch on October 4. No, I don't have them yet so don't ask. They mark the onslaught that will probably cripple me in October and November, but I'm okay with that. ­čśë

In other news, we should have a Level-5 Q&A interview for you within the next couple of weeks, and we just finished shooting Episode #6 of the PSXE Show. Due to Hurricane Irene and one episode that popped into Home without me knowing, we've been missing the party in the theater. So we'll definitely party for #6; stay tuned for time and other relevant info.

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