First of all, if you see a bunch of headlines talking about an "official" Resident Evil 6 announcement, ignore them. As most sources have already stated, it was generated by a fake video.

But it begs the question: Capcom will undoubtedly deliver RE6 at some point and based on the critical and fan reception for RE5, we're wondering if the developer will understand what needs to be done. Catering to long-time fans has proven problematic for Japanese designers this generation, primarily because they keep trying to bring in new fans. Some say that's a mistake.

An example of that would be the Slant Six-developed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City , which will be a fast-paced third-person shooter that marks a definite departure from the standard survival/horror format. Now, we don't expect that from RE6, but what changes should we expect? They're not really going to make us freeze in place and fire a weapon again, are they? Ironically, they helped pioneer a new over-the-shoulder look in RE4; maybe they could do it again.

That's really what this series needs: a significant upgrade or alteration to gameplay that many consider to be outdated. However, at the same time, the fans don't want Capcom to ditch the slower-paced style that generates fear and foreboding. Check out older Silent Hill entries if you don't know what I'm talking about. We just have to wonder…Japanese developers have gotten a reputation for scaring off their established fanbases this generation. So what can we expect when RE6 is announced?

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