After a week of Resistance 3 and Dead Island , we look forward to the autumn rush. Review coming for the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection . ­čśë

If first-party devs don't want a PS4 right now…

We've heard it all before- most developers clearly aren't ready to embrace a new Sony console, but I always find it interesting when a designer like Insomniac echoes the sentiment . They're so familiar with the PlayStation brand and when they speak, I tend to listen. They say they can get more out of the PS3 and best of all, they really want to become masters. I get the feeling they think they've never had the opportunity to do that before, don't you? Like they got to the end of the PS2 generation and they were just starting to understand that console.  It almost seems like we were a little shortchanged…

And let's not forget, many developers said something similar about Sony's last platform: it took them a while to understand it, and just when it was winding down and the PS3 was on the horizon, those game makers were finally getting a firm grasp of the system's architecture. Now, it seems like they all want a second chance; they want to have a chance to really master a console. Isn't that interesting?

I think we get mixed messages from Ninja Theory

Okay, they say the focus on creating huge, AAA titles that dominate the market is crippling innovation . I understand the point. But there are some extra factors that bug me: first off, there's a subtle implication that gamers only buy the "familiar." While I do agree that the more unique productions are riskier, and they'll never sell as well as popular, established franchises. At the same time, it has been proven that such risks can prove lucrative. Furthermore, there's another insinuation that only the popular sells when in fact, I still strongly believe that quality still sells.

Look, if you make a great game, it has a great chance of becoming a financial success. There's no guarantee but gamers tend to reward excellent efforts and that's a big part of the reason why I love this industry. And Ninja Theory, if you create a AAA game (and you've been close), I'm almost certain you will see the sales you want.

Personal gaming update

I'm right at the end of Resistance 3 and when done, I'll go back and finish Deus Ex: Human Revolution . I also want to finish Catherine but I'm not sure I'll get the opportunity. Also, I do intend to deliver a review for Bodycount at some point (although I wouldn't hold out hope for a high score), and you can also expect a review for Skydrift . I have the download code; I just have to use it and write the analysis.

Obviously, there's a lot more to come. I keep bugging the Level-5 people so we can get a Q&A done for White Knight Chronicles II , and I'll be speaking to Ian Bogost this week as well. And also look out for news concerning Episode #6 of the PSXE Home Show! We're gonna get up some PSX Extreme t-shirts for your avatars, too. ­čśë

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