We keep talking about the impending generation, despite insistent claims from Sony and Microsoft that a new machine won't arrive any time soon.

But what if the generation ended today? Who would you say came out on top? Of course, gamers have more criteria than overall sales numbers; those come into play of course, but the fans care most about their quality of entertainment. So which manufacturer has given you the most entertainment? The best entertainment?

We assume we know what our readers will pick, but defend your choice! Give a rational explanation. Anything can be considered a factor: maybe your machine crashed a bunch of times, maybe some games didn't turn out the way you had hoped, maybe you had a bad experience with customer service. Maybe you feel you spent too much and weren't justly rewarded, or maybe you have something against a certain business policy, or aren't convinced about a certain service (for instance, the stability of the PSN).

My reasons bounce all over the place. There are many reasons as to why PlayStation has been my platform of choice for almost 16 years. For the PS1, it was simple: I was a huge role-playing fan; it's basically all I played at the time, and the PlayStation was the undisputed king of the genre. The N64 didn't really even have one (arguably), and the Dreamcast didn't have many, either. Besides, I hated what Nintendo did with the N64 after the glory that was the SNES. Actually, I haven't liked Nintendo since those 16-bit days. Sadly, we have parted ways .

The PS2 gave me all the RPGs I still craved plus a huge, diverse library and a reliable machine. Same goes for the PS3, although I will say I wouldn't have bought the PS3 when it launched if I hadn't needed for work. I didn't really care about any of the launch lineup and I thought $600 was ridiculous. But over time, the PS3 has once again given me ample reason to keep gaming on a continual basis. How's about you?

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