Well, after nearly five full days without power, I'm back in business. But even without power, nobody noticed any drop-off in content, now did they? πŸ˜‰

If Capcom and Ninja Theory are buddy-buddy…

Look, I was one of the first to come forward and say, "that is not Dante." I love the Devil May Cry franchise and that Emo junkie they've got as a young main character in the DMC reboot just irritates me. But there's one thing we all have to remember: DMC has always been all about the gameplay. The in-depth, satisfying combat that fulfills the hardcore action aficionados is Dante's calling card. And although many believed the combat in Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was a touch too simple, Ninja Theory has it in them to create an unbelievable battle mechanic that is both fluid and deep.

And besides, we shouldn't downplay the fact that Capcom is working closely with the developer on this project. Although the publisher seems dead-set on expanding westward (which many veterans frown upon), I refuse to believe they'd let an outside designer ruin one of their iconic franchises. That just isn't possible, is it?

Sledgehammer plagued by foot in mouth disease

I think everybody is aware that Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey didn't mean to say his team's third-person Call of Duty project will outstrip the Uncharted franchise in terms of quality. By saying the Drake fans would benefit from a "world class franchise," I'm sure Condrey meant to say… Well, something that isn't as stupid as it sounded. Basically, they're creating a multiplatform product with the CoD brand, which means it's almost guaranteed to be popular around the globe. And yes, it has the potential to sell more copies than the unbelievably stellar Uncharted titles, just because the latter are only available on the PlayStation 3.

But even so, I hope Condrey and Co. step up and clarify that statement this week. Yes, this week. Soon. That's the type of comment that can spread like wildfire – and in fact, already has – and will follow you throughout the promotion process of your game. Really, we think we know what you meant, Michael, but you gotta clarify. And if you meant it the way it sounded, well…you're a bona fide moron.

Personal gaming update

Because I was without power, I was unable to do much of anything besides work at a remote location this past week. So I'd like to get back to Deus Ex: Human Revolution ; sadly, though, I won't be able to finish it before Resistance 3 and Dead Island get here in couple days. By the way, the roundtable discussion with Techland concerning their zombie-slaying survival game was interesting; it really did sound a lot like a full-fledged RPG . I mean, it's not , but the major elements are there.

While I'm on the subject, a few updates- I'm going to badger the Square Enix PR lady to get going on our Final Fantasy XIII-2 questions, although I'm pretty sure it isn't her fault. Also, expect interviews with Boris Salchow, the composer for Resistance 3 , Ian Bogost regarding his views and recent book , and a chat with someone from Level-5 about White Knight Chronicles II . The latter isn't confirmed just yet but I'm working on it.

And of course, reviews for the big games are coming, along with Episode #6 of the PSXE Show in PlayStation Home. Again, we were delayed a week because of the storm and couldn't have the party in the Theater for Ep. 5, but we'll do it again for the next show. See y'all there. πŸ™‚

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