With Hurricane Irene working its way up the east coast and the weather terrorists (aka, weathermen) telling us the end of the world has arrived, you need a survival kit. And that survival kit includes games…of some kind.

So here's what you can play with a hurricane blowing outside your boarded-up windows. We'll start with the games you should play if you have power :

Any Devil May Cry: It just seems right. Hurricanes have a certain chaotic nature that tends to endure for an extended period of time. Hack 'n slash insanity fits nicely; shooters require a little too much precision (your aim would just get blown around), and anything that requires platforming or something like that…well, that's no good. The DMC titles have minimal platforming and most of it is just over-the-top combat. Other good options would be any Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta .

Hot Shots Golf: I just think it's funny. You could use Tiger Woods , of course, but it's funnier with the HSG characters. It's all pristine and cartoony and sunny (provided you're not playing in a snowstorm, which can happen), and outside, the sky is falling. You sort of sit there and imagine what a golf ball would do outside your screen. Then, after you finish playing, you go outside and find out for yourself.

And now, if you don't have power , which is far more likely:

Portables exist for a reason: A PSP or DS should be part of your storm survival kit. The unit should be completely charged and you should also have a ready library of several long, diverse games. Personally, I've got Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection , Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together , and The 3rd Birthday to tide me over for while.

Board games: These used to exist, you know. Okay, they still do but they tend to gather dust in the slow aisle at Toys R Us. Even so, you should have some classics sitting around; certain games are always fun with other people. If you want to be nostalgic and a tad juvenile, I'd go with Chutes and Ladders. But hey, there's always Trivial Pursuit and the non-board game, Pictionary. We did have fun with games that didn't require video screens…I swear we did.

Football: No, not Madden . Get a football, find an empty field with no trees nearby and no flying debris, and have a blast. Yes, I'm serious. It's not a tornado; it's a hurricane (although I wouldn't recommend this for Category 3 or higher). And of course, this has to be tackle football and there can be no running plays; all plays have to involve throwing the ball. If you catch it even once, you win. Or something like that.

There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself during a tremendous storm. Sometimes, you just have to use your imagination. Other than that, I'd recommend reading. That can be done with or without power, even if you've got a single candle, and we all need to do a lot more reading.

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