I almost can't believe the fall rush is nearly upon us…September is hardly bare, and after that… Dear God.

MW3 vs. BF3…I'm totally on the fence

Not only am I on the fence concerning each game's potential quality ( Battlefield 3 may have the single-player edge while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 might have the multiplayer advantage), but I'm also unsure about all this campaigning. As I said when we reported on EA's bold statements , EA vs. Activision is starting to feel a lot like a political campaign…and it isn't a nice campaign. As time goes on, I can only imagine that the dirt will continue to fly and things may reach a fever pitch before either game drops. On the one hand, this feud is bound to draw huge attention from just about everywhere, and as they always say, any recognition is good for an industry.

Yeah, there's an argument against that, of course, but visibility is visibility. At the same time, I'm wondering if the mud-slinging really is good for gaming. In my eyes, EA vs. Activision is just a pissing match between two ridiculously wealthy corporations, each of whom are bound to make a barrel-full of money on their respective productions. Activision might make a few more barrels, but who cares? And what are we really arguing about at this point? I'm starting to lose interest.

So we're stuck with the new Dante, huh?

Being a big Devil May Cry fan, I was one of many who were none too pleased with Dante's new heroin-addict design. And for a while, I thought the backlash might be big enough for Ninja Theory to take notice, as Sucker Punch did when gamers called them out for Cole's unnecessary overhaul for inFamous 2 . But obviously, the Heavenly Sword developer is sticking with the new Dante . It's interesting to note, however, that Capcom is responsible for the fresh – albeit weird – look. So we need to make sure we direct our venom in the correct direction. But I only have one qusetion; it's the same question I had when I saw the new Cole: Why ?!

It just makes zero sense. Lara Croft's redesign for the Tomb Raider reboot does make sense, as they're going for a different sort of feel, atmosphere and style. And she's obviously still Lara. But we're supposed to believe that's a young Dante? And you're not really altering the action focus; why alter one of the most appealing aspects of the DMC series? Dante ?

Personal gaming update

Well, this is an interesting one. I didn't get a chance to completely finish Catherine because the end-of-summer upswing has already begun here at PSXE central. The four games I'm playing right now are:

Obviously, these games aren't out yet but reviews will be forthcoming when the embargoes lift. Just so you're not in the dark, the embargo for Deus Ex is up on Monday (expect a review for Tuesday), Origins is embargoed until August 29, and ICO/SotC is under embargo until September 8. There is no embargo for Disgaea 4 , though, so expect a review for that one this week.

And after that, Resistance 3 and Dead Island , among others. I'm glad there were only two games I couldn't finish ( Catherine and Dragon Age II ) before this mess began. Because the bottom line is that I won't be playing exactly what I want until the end of the year. Well, there will be plenty of times when work and pleasure mix, though, so… ­čśë

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