EA says they'll steal away a good percentage of the established Call of Duty franchise when the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 hits. And in general, the popularity war between these two shooters often seems to hinge on something obvious: the widespread – and seemingly growing – hate for Activision's record-breaking franchise.

And therefore, a question springs to mind. This may sound extremely childish in tone but then again, based on what I've seen, there's plenty of childishness encircling the aforementioned debate. How many BF3 supporters are simply supporters because they despise CoD for whatever reason? How many are so dead-set against the reigning king (the fact that CoD is king is enough; kings are often roundly hated) they'll side with the opponent…any opponent? How many are just happy to be giving their money to any title that dares to challenge the almighty Call of Duty ?

While it's true that what we've seen of BF3 is impressive, I wouldn't say the MW3 footage is un impressive. And considering the spreading CoD – and Activision – hate, it almost appears as if gamers are getting downright vindictive. We have plenty of readers who aren't big fans of CoD and they seem bitter…is vindictive that much of a stretch? I almost get the feeling that gamers who never play shooters will buy BF3 simply to say they "fought the good fight" against the evil Modern Warfare 3 . Maybe somebody should do a poll. I actually think gamers would be honest, too.

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