Very pleasant weather. Took advantage of it to shoot Episode #5 of the PSXE Show today. ­čÖé

Square Enix should let US gamers test FFXIII-2 early

You know, it would go a long way to allaying lingering fears. When I saw that Square Enix would give 40 lucky gamers a chance to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 , I knew immediately we should have that same opportunity in other regions. You may notice that they're calling it a "fan meeting." Well, isn't that what this company has desperately needed over the past decade? I mean, I think Japanese gamers are just gonna love FF no matter what, but it seems to me as if old-school Western fans have had a bone to pick with S-E. And if you gave these fans a chance to play FFXIII-2 early, it'd be fantastic. Why?

Because if they did it early enough, they could seriously consider fan feedback and implement any changes and fixes before the game arrives. Can you imagine if they had done this for FFXIII? We're not talking about a demo; we're talking about letting gamers in on the development process. I doubt they'll take criticism from Japanese fans during that FFXIII-2 preview but what if they did ? And what if they did it here ?

More people should be pumped for the new Joe Danger

Come on. I know we don't have all the details just yet, but nowhere near enough people are psyched for the new Joe Danger . I still say the original is arguably the greatest downloadable game of the generation, despite the fact that digital competition gets stiffer by the day. It was pretty, endlessly fun, lengthy, and besides, the concept of an Excitebike for a new generation…? It's just so perfect. And I was wondering if Hello Games would do a sequel, or if they'd choose a different concept entirely. I wouldn't have minded a new IP from such a talented developer but in truth, I wanted another Joe Danger .

If you haven't tried it yet, I would strongly suggest downloading it ASAP. You really won't find a better digital experience. And I hope more people get excited for this sequel in the future.

Personal gaming update

I haven't been playing much besides Catherine and Limbo but the summer drought is already ending. We've got Deus Ex: Human Revolution in a few weeks, and Resistance 3 and Dead Island a few weeks after that. Speaking of the latter, I should be involved in a Q&A with the developers later this month. Also, speaking of interviews, I'll be chatting with PlayStation Home boss Jack Buser later this week; evidently, he has something significant to discuss. Might not be able to reveal it immediately, though.

Oh, and now that Episode #4 of our PSXE Show is in the books, we're looking forward to the fifth. Topics include the unfortunate fate of L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi, the great Resistance series, and the intended consumer base for HD collections. Also, expect to see Episode #3 up on our YouTube Channel soon, just in case you don't go into Home.

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