It's tough to top your own masterpiece. The stars have to line up correctly for lightning to strike twice, especially if we're talking about innovation and revolution.

Heavy Rain is undoubtedly one of the generation's best but more importantly, it has helped to build upon interactive storytelling concepts. Ever since that game wowed the hell out of us, we've been wondering if developer Quantic Dream can blow our minds yet again. Their new project remains under wraps but we remain encouraged and hopeful; here are our reasons:

Firstly, studio boss David Cage has said several times that he was extremely pleased with Heavy Rain 's success. In his eyes, it proved that gamers were finally mature enough to reward such an effort; the experience wasn't like anything else available and it delivered on deep, emotional levels. Now, due to this revelation, Cage has said his team will continue on this path in an effort to take the next step. Therefore, we expect another storytelling step in the right direction.

Secondly, Heavy Rain was a sales success at over 1.5 million copies sold, but that greatly exceeded expectations. In fact, early internal estimates were reported to be only a few hundred thousand and indeed, Sony was watching the game's performance closely. But the risk worked out. Sony should be more than willing to support Quantic Dream in yet another revolutionary attempt, and developers have recently praised Sony for being a tolerant and patient partner. Media Molecule said this about their publisher when working on LittleBigPlanet , and David Jaffe just echoed those thoughts concerning the Twisted Metal delay.

Thirdly, the talent at Quantic Dream clearly rivals that of the best studios out there. If you've seen behind-the-scenes footage of how that team worked to create Heavy Rain , you know how talented and dedicated they really are. Given all these factors, we're convinced that Quantic Dream's new project will potentially push our industry to new heights, and continue to explore plot and storytelling devices in the interactive entertainment venue. Now…just tell us what you're working on!

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