This heat wave has to stop. Now.

BioWare, be careful

It's not that I don't believe you, BioWare. It's not that I have doubts about Mass Effect 3 . I've never gotten into the franchise, but the games have been undeniably great. Better still, they've been undeniably great for role-playing fans . What you just said about the gameplay being "more action/adventure-y" has disturbed your followers. That bit about one last chance to make the franchise "truly blockbuster" isn't helping, either. Yes, we're aware of that clarification where you said the RPG depth will certainly remain and in fact, it'll be even deeper than past installments. But we've heard similar claims before. From a company called Square Enix.

Furthermore, while I liked Dragon Age II and it was still an RPG (i.e., it played like an RPG should play), we already saw glimpses of "RPG Lite." A set-in-stone character, no equipment (beyond a complete suit of armor) for your allies, and virtually no exploration via world map or anything like that. Now, you're not really going to assist in killing off this genre with ME3's "action/adventure-y" focus, are you, BioWare? What's next? Guns in The Elder Scrolls ? It'd become a FPS…

If GTAV uses MotionScan, I'll be HAPPY

I've been a huge supporter of this new technology ever since it blew me away in L.A. Noire . I also talked about how such a tech could advance storytelling in the interactive entertainment world. So to combine it with one of my favorite franchises of all time is just icing on the cake ; don't think for a second that GTA can't use it. The series is known for it's gameplay, true, but entries also include big, sweeping storylines and lots of characters. MotionScan would push everything forward. The whole thing would just feel that much more natural and dynamic, and we'd be able to better connect with the characters.

I still wonder why we haven't heard much about GTAV so far. And if Rockstar does plan to implement MotionScan, how far along in development can they be…? That's what worries me a little.

Personal gaming update

So I finally finished inFamous 2 ; I've been savoring it for a long time but I finally had to beat it. I got all the Blast Shards and completed it as a Hero; I'd like to see the Infamous ending but I don't think I'll have time. I also want to finish Limbo ; it's surprisingly long and quite addictive. I just have to conquer the next puzzle! Besides, after the mess that was Call of Juarez: The Cartel , I don't have much to play until Catherine shows up this week. The review scores have been encouraging for that one, and it's quite original, so I'm excited.

We'll let you know when Episode #4 of the PSXE Show arrives in Home. We'll be doing the party on Thursday as per usual; there just aren't enough people around on Saturdays. We've also submitted a group of eight questions (all but one were submitted by readers) to Square Enix, as we promised . Just remember, with translation required, it might take some time. More news coming soon.