Not from a quality standpoint – I remain convinced the game will be great – but just from a financial/sales standpoint.

Look, the entire world is caught up in this Battlefield 3 / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rivalry, and it's only going to heat up over the next couple of months. Both are shooters. Both come out within a couple weeks of one another (October 25 for BF3 and November 8 for MW3). Both are seeking to push the envelope in the FPS genre. With this much hype, and the chances that both will be excellent, shooter fans will likely want both.

Furthermore, we'll likely be bombarded with footage for both titles until they launch. And that means the expectations will be through the roof; the fans are expecting nothing less than jaw-dropping. Now, where the hell does Resistance 3 squeeze in? Its only hope is that it'll be ready on September 6, a good month and a half before Battlefield 3 arrives. But is that gap big enough? Shooter aficionados are probably preparing to drop $130 on BF3 and MW3, and if I've got my finger on the right pulse, those same gamers are skeptical of R3. Way too skeptical, I say, but oh well…

And of course, Insomniac's new title is exclusive to one platform, which automatically limits sales potential. So when you consider the entire picture, I really have to worry: can Resistance 3 survive? Will it thrive? I'm concerned that even if it turns out great, the gaming world's gaze will remain fixed on BF3 vs. MW3, and R3 will just sort of slide by unnoticed. I really hope it doesn't happen (Insomniac deserves the love), but at this point… I mean, nobody will shut up about BF3 and MW3 and it's only July .

R3 better hope its significant head start is good enough to carve out a niche for itself. Oh, and it better be really, really good.