Summer isn't my favorite time of year but the weather has been pretty decent. ­čÖé

Square Enix "looking at HD technology tests?"

I don't think we focused on this enough: after Square Enix boss Tetsuya Nomura teased Kingdom Hearts III , he mentioned something about how the company was "looking into high-definition technology tests." The source informs us that he may not have been referring specifically to KH; in fact, it could've been a general statement. A lot of major publishers have dabbled in HD remakes and that includes Japanese game makers; we're all anticipating that awesome Metal Gear Solid HD Collection , right? And while it might be a lot more work to deliver a Final Fantasy HD Collection , it's not impossible.

And it's definitely not impossible to touch up a classic PS1 or PS2 FF title and re-release it in high-def. We always talk about FFVII but at this rate, I'd be happy with any of the old Squaresoft classics getting new life in HD. Just pick one. Chrono Cross . Vagrant Story . Whatever. Just do it .

Why do we know nothing about GTAV?

One would think we'd have heard more about Grand Theft Auto V by this time. Rumors are pointing towards an early 2012 launch and if that's accurate, we really should've seen a few initial details by now. By all rights, it should've been at E3. Maybe the game is further off than anticipated but if it isn't, I have to question this silence on the part of Rockstar. We're talking about a hard-hitting blockbuster that is, without a doubt, the last franchise that can currently challenge Call of Duty for the ultimate sales crown. We've got a few hazy pieces of info; maybe GTAV will be set out west in the Los Angeles area, for instance, but this is a huge deal! That's all we know? And we don't really even know that .

I think it's pretty sad when we're clinging to pre-order receipts for GTAV news, especially when the game is supposedly set to release in approximately 8 months or less. It just makes little sense.

Personal gaming update

I'm at the end of inFamous 2 and I expect to see Catherine this week. I've been a little surprised at the critical reception so far; IGN gave it a 9, which I really didn't expect. I keep hoping for something really special but as I'm not an anime fan, I have my doubts… Still, I love refreshing games and if this doesn't qualify as refreshing, nothing does. I'll be very interested to see how Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out, too, but that's five weeks away.

As for future news, we plan to upload some PSXE Show material to our YouTube Channel soon. So if you don't get into PlayStation Home to watch 'em, you can see them there. Also, we'll look to set up some interviews for the fall, and we're wondering what developers you'd like to see on PSXE, and what kinds of questions you'd like to see answered. For the record, we're looking to get some Q&As done for games like White Knight Chronicles 2 , Resistance 3 , and Deus Ex: Human Revolution . If you have other ideas, let us know. ­čÖé

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