Not much going on this week but we did shoot our fourth PSXE show and the third is in the process of being approved. ­čÖé

Bioshock Infinite: Game of the Year 2012?

It's my second most wanted game behind Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and every time I see it, I just get more excited. Did you see that amazing GTTV presentation ? I mean, holy sh** . I know a lot of people around here aren't super huge Bioshock fans but I am; I loved the first and I loved the second and to be honest, despite what many fans and critics say, I can't really place one above the other. They're a little different but they remain fantastic for various reasons; they always feel like the perfect combination of role-playing and first-person shooter. Now you know why I'm looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution . ­čśë

Anyway, those 14 minutes of gameplay for Infinite gave me all-new respect for the developers at Irrational, because they're artistic geniuses over there. And can you believe what they're getting out of that Unreal Engine? Jeebus. For the sake of discussion, though, what might challenge this game for Game of the Year in 2012? Any ideas?

Don't pass on Limbo just 'cuz it came from the XBLA

Braid came across, too, and I think we're all glad it did. I still say the PSN has the best selection of downloadable exclusives as nothing tops Flower , echochrome , Joe Danger , Wipeout HD , Journey (just guessing at the last, but it's a safe guess), etc., but even so, Limbo looks great. I've been wanting to play it ever since it came out last year. The only reason I didn't is because I kept getting sidetracked with work and other games. But I'll have a review for this one when it arrives and I'm definitely hoping for an original, engaging adventure. I actually haven't played a downloadable title through to completion since Joe Danger and I'm sorta missing my mini-game fix. That's what I call downloadables, btw.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, can somebody get Hothead Games to make Joe Danger 2 . Please ?

Personal gaming update

I continue to savor inFamous 2 and I actually have a lot of fun with Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon . It's stupid and not very polished but somehow, it remains good fun and I find myself going back to play it every now and then. It's better with friends, though. As for titles on the horizon, the only one I see is Catherine , but I remain concerned that it'll fail miserably in this country . Bear in mind that I have my own reservations about the game but I sincerely hope it turns out well, and I further hope it's another Atlus hit. Remember 3D Dot Game Heroes ? They thought that one would sell like 25,000 copies in the US and it ended up selling over 300,000 or something like that.

For the upcoming PSXE Shows, I tackle subjects like Call of Duty (and why it's not the game's fault), the idea of reviewers being "bribed" by little gifts, the rising cost of game development, and oh yes, a look at my Final Fantasy collection and my thoughts on what Square Enix needs to do.

If you missed Episode #2, you can always catch it in the Home Community Theater. Right now, we're expecting Episode #3 to debut on July 21 but I'll let you know if the date changes. Don't worry; we'll have another party! ­čÖé

P.S. For all you guitar fans, I thought I'd turn you onto this blistering little piece by At Vance; check it out.

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