Well, obviously, it was the start of a new era for PSXE this week. We're happy it has begun. ­čÖé

Of COURSE you lost fans with DAII

I still say Dragon Age II is a great game, but the fact that it was sub-elite bugged me, and the fact that it lacked standard hardcore role-playing elements bugged me even more. One town, a complete lack of exploration, and we can only fully equip the lead character, which we also can't build from the ground up. The thing that confuses the hell out of me is why it was ever done in the first place. Why ? BioWare knows RPGs. They know what the fans want. I'm sure they do. I'm just desperately trying to figure out how these design ideas succeeded…how in God's name did all these new features – or lack thereof – get approved?

How could they not know they'll be irritating their fans ? It's just too bizarre. I can't figure it out at all. One could make the argument that they wanted to make a more "mainstream" game, but Dragon Age is very clearly for the hardcore, for the niche RPG lovers. Nobody in the mainstream/casual group will touch it, and a few more "action-y" elements won't change their minds. So why compromise the winning formula? I don't get it.

Yeah, you better keep Gears on the 360

Because it may be the last Xbox exclusive left that I care about. CliffyB says PlayStation 3 fans have "zero chance" of getting Gears of War and I'm just fine with that. If it went multiplatform, I'd probably ditch the 360 entirely. Well, I would if we found out the next Alan Wake would be on the PS3. As it is, the 360 gathers a sh** ton of dust; I have little to no reason to touch it, so by all means, let Microsoft keep Gears . As time goes on this generation, I have to question the reason to even own a 360; it seems so…superfluous at this point. Gears is enough of a reason for me to keep it, but other than that…

That being said, I'm sure I'll end up with the next Xbox, just because I really like having two platforms each generation. Eventually, one platform typically ends up being the dominant one in my entertainment center; a long time ago, that used to be something with "Nintendo" on the box. But for the past three generations, it has never been Nintendo and really, it has never really been close…

Personal gaming update

People can bi*** and whine all they want; Duke Nukem Forever blew. I wasn't about to torture myself any further. Dungeon Siege III was good, though, and I'm glad to finally have a decent old-school dungeon-crawler this generation. I also have to get going on F.E.A.R. 3 for next week and I have high expectations for that one. However, that's all work-related; I really just want to get back to inFamous 2 . That game rules and it's painful to be away from it for so long!

And yes, the PSX Home Show is here and we hope you've seen it. Don't worry, more are coming – Episode 2 might be up for this Thursday – and as I said earlier , we're making that PSXE party a routine thing for every debut of a new show. We'll be sure to keep you informed right here, and don't forget about the possibility of more giveaways. Maybe a "bring a friend to the PSXE Show, and be entered to win" deal…

But anyway, hope everyone is satisfied and at least a little excited for the future. ­čÖé

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