Duke Nukem Forever was a mess. A travesty. But I've decided that Duke doesn't deserve to go out like this and after hearing Kamiya volunteer for the Devil May Cry reboot , I got to thinking…

Who can resurrect Duke? Who can raise him from the TKO he just suffered? If anyone can do it, it's Killzone developer Guerrilla. They could add that intensity and brutality we love in the KZ franchise and no, I'm not recommending a complete change in style for the Duke. The brawny, sunglasses-wearing hero is all about lewd, crude, over-the-top cockiness. And we can keep that, but I still think if we're going all out, we should add some blood and gore. Keep the strippers and the cheesiness; just add in some of that patented Guerrilla flair.

Of course, other competent FPS developers could give Duke his just due. DICE and Infinity Ward come to mind, as does Insomniac. I only list the latter because their experience with the Ratchet & Clank series means they're familiar with the term "lighthearted," and they could create a brutal yet comical Duke title. Does anyone else have any bright ideas? And don't say Valve unless you add the caveat that they make a new engine for the game; if they use that archaic Source engine, Duke will just remain mired in the past.

I'm still miffed at the whole DNF fiasco. I was willing to tolerate so much, but that was just…horrid.

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