As some of you have seen, yes, I'm playing inFamous 2 right now. …I can't talk about it, but I can brag about it. 😉

Where do I stand on the NGP? …no damn idea

Since the days of the GameBoy Advance, I've never really cared about portable entertainment. I only use my PSP to play some old-school RPGs that have disappeared from consoles; in all honesty, I wouldn't own one if I didn't need it for work purposes. That being said, the NGP is quite the attractive unit, and one that may offer a very unique form of handheld entertainment. I'm also liking the looks of the software launch lineup ; I love the Uncharted and Wipeout franchises. I firmly believe that so long as video games remain interactive pieces of entertainment, no hardware is worth owning without fantastic software.

But being of the old school, regardless of whether or not the game is portable, I'm having difficulty getting excited about the whole touch-pad thing. It's not that I'm questioning the solidity of the technology; it's more about personal preference. But I won't pass judgment until I actually lay hands on the device…who knows what I'll think then?

Square Enix may not listen, but I bet BioWare does

In my opinion – and for different reasons – Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Age II weren't the incomparable elite titles role-playing fans expected. I will absolutely maintain that they qualify as good, perhaps even great, but in some ways, these games let down the hardcore faithful. And now, it seems both companies say they've "listened to feedback" from the fans: BioWare says they'll definitely fix up Dragon Age III , and a European source says Square Enix has taken fan criticism into consideration . But you know what? I believe BioWare. I don't believe Square Enix at all . I'm sorry…I just don't. And I think you all know why.

But it's an interesting experiment, isn't it? When DAIII and FFXIII-2 show up, we can easily determine which developer was indeed telling the truth. And while FF will always remain my favorite RPG series of all time, I don't have super high expectations for the upcoming sequel.

Personal gaming update

I can't offer anything on inFamous 2 just yet, but I can say that despite a few small shortcomings, the game is just as addictive as the first title. I also need to clarify: I mentioned earlier that I'd deliver an Alice: Madness Returns review this past week but I forgot to check the paperwork that came with the game. Unsurprisingly, the review is embargoed until launch day, which is the 14th. But I've played a lot of it over the past week so I'm ready. As for inFamous 2 , that's also embargoed until launch, but that's Tuesday, so expect to see a review later that day. I also want to finish the last few missions in L.A. Noire ; obviously, Sucker Punch's latest has sidetracked me. 🙂

Finally, I know I've been teasing a pretty big announcement for a while, and I think we have a date for you: June 16. I hope it sticks but either way, I still can't talk about it. Stay tuned.