Well, obviously, the big news is the return of the PSN , but we've got several articles for that. 🙂

Two games that might get me playing online

For the most part, I only play online when reviewing a game. I really don't care much about it outside of the job. However, there are two upcoming titles that might get me involved in online multiplayer: the first is Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception . The game will be amazing, and I have a feeling I'll want to indulge in as many ways as possible. Furthermore, with all those great enhancements Naughty Dog has scheduled, I'm really starting to like the sound of the multiplayer portion. The second game is the recently announced Starhawk . I really loved Warhawk ; probably put a good 50 hours into that. I know that's not a lot by online standards but it is for me .

The game looks like tons of fun, and I think Dylan Jobe and Co. really know what they're doing. Yeah, we have to wait until 2012 but hey, it's not like we won't have anything to play between now and then. Also, I should mention I'll be looking forward to the Resistance 3 and Battlefield 3 multiplayer. 🙂

You know what? Just stay away from ports

If you have the option, just stay away from ports. It seems to be a rule this generation. In the same way I'd recommend opting for the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta (Sega did a crappy port for the PlayStation 3 version), I can't imagine why anyone would purchase the 360 version of L.A. Noire if they've got a PS3 at home. Team Bondi flat-out admitted Sony's console was the lead development platform for the game, and the 360 version – which has to go on 3 discs – is a port. Look, I have faith in the designers and those who have gone hands-on with the game say both versions are pretty close, but even so… One version seems to be the superior one and if we have the option, the choice is plain.

By the way, the review will be coming this week, along with a video commentary soon after.

Personal gaming update

Well, as of Monday, it'll be all about L.A. Noire . Beyond that, I'm still working on Final Fantasy IV on the PSP. Just so you know, with the PSN back, you can expect reviews for Brink and MotorStorm: Apocalypse between now and Wednesday; I can finally get online and finish up the analysis for both. Also, we probably shouldn't forget that inFamous 2 is only three weeks away, so… Yeah, mark your calendars. 🙂

Also, with the Network back, we're that much closer to our big announcement. Oh well…crap, I guess that was a hint, but it's still a vague hint, yes? 😉

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