Dear Sony,

As you work to return the PlayStation Network to its fans, we offer this letter, in conjunction with our readers, as we have taken the liberty of assessing their general response to this ordeal.

You have no doubt been aware of consumer reactions, which have ranged from aggressive hatred to forgiving patience. Over the past three weeks, those who saw their personal information in potential jeopardy became concerned; they also lamented the loss of a heretofore reliable, trustworthy service. But through it all, it appears your fans are more than willing to return to you when the Network resurrects. Even if the rebuilding process takes longer than anticipated, we will come back.

That being said, in all walks of life, it is important to learn from our mistakes and adapt to quickly changing landscapes. Therefore, when the Network returns, the fans will expect it to have a refreshed fortitude and new-found staying power. They will expect a safer Sony, a more alert Sony, a Sony that effectively battles the cyber-terrorism the rest of the world must combat on a daily basis. This may sound demanding but we all have to be more attentive, and while we recognize that Sony Corp. is a victim, we also know your company has a responsibility.

We have confidence that our responsibility is not ill-placed. But we may have a few reservations and to allay our fears, it will be important that the Network return with vigor and stability. You have earned your loyal fans over the years and they can forgive and forget, especially when direct criminal acts are involved. However, if fans have to go through a second fiasco, even the most hardcore loyalists will begin to question. The Network must be a place that keeps us entertained but in addition, it must also instill a sense of calm serenity, in that we are not filled with anxiety.

We recognize the situation for what it is and place blame accordingly. Those responsible for the attack on your servers receive the brunt of our ire, and we will not ignore the root cause of this problem. If the criminals in question sought to earn notoriety, fame or respect from anybody in the gaming world, they failed to do so. Nobody is impressed with these acts, and nobody forgives or makes excuses for them. At the end of the day, it is an uphill battle against cyber criminals and above all else, we do acknowledge the following: Sony and its fans are on the same side.


PSXE Staff and Common Sense Gamers

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