All right, that's it. You've done it. Congratulations, game industry, you've given me a video game-related story I can no longer tolerate.

I love games; hence, I tend to revel in all sorts of big news, even if it doesn't necessarily appeal to my personal interests. It's just great to see video games get so much attention; for example, as indifferent as I am about Call of Duty , I really don't mind writing about new sales tallies or other hype/controversy surrounding a new title. In short, there has yet to be a super huge news story in the past four years that managed to embitter me; that completely soured me on the entire issue.

But it has finally happened. Endless headlines concerning this PSN/Qriocity/SOE fiasco continue to explode all over the Internet and as time goes on, they're loaded with more inaccuracies and more absurdities. But more than that, I just don't care anymore . This all boils down to a bunch of common pickpockets (which is all any hacker is) with massive delusions of grandeur, thinking they're patriots or humanitarians or revolutionaries or some such laughable label, committing criminal acts. Got it. Big damn deal. The planet somehow continues to turn.  I'm not impressed; I'm not all that annoyed (the PSN being down has had little impact on me), and all I can do now is roll my eyes.

Really, it's all I do. I hate looking about for news now because I look, roll my eyes, and move on…only to roll my eyes again ten seconds later. Then I have to leave the desk and get a glass of water. Then after I force myself to slog through the mess to find some decent stories, I have to avoid the Internet like the plague. I go row or read or take a drive. I just can't deal with this crap any longer. I'm not one to complain much and I usually don't rant in any of my editorials, but I've reached the breaking point. Anonymous, Sony, identity theft, blah blah blah blah BLAH .

A little while back, I did an article about how the PSN problem turns our attention to more important things . Now I'm not willing to give the ordeal any attention whatsoever (even though I'll have to for the job), and I refuse to attribute any life-altering significance to this ugliness. I'm done. I'm gonna go play the Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection . Leave me the hell alone , Internet.

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