Warm weather is just around the corner…I can feel it…

What is L.A. Noire's potential…really?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like every new promotional trailer looks better than the one before it. Am I going crazy? Am I suffering from hype dementia? It really seems as if Team Bondi continues to iron out minor visual kinks, even 6 weeks before the game is scheduled to hit store shelves. Of course, that doesn't make much sense; in terms of the development process, they have to be way past graphical tweaks. But no matter how good it looks, there's no chance of it topping Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception ; let's face up to facts, here. That being said, could L.A. Noire – provided it actually lives up to expectations in every possible way – be a legitimate contender for Game of the Year? We all assume it'll be Naughty Dog's latest, but let's not jump the gun.

Okay, so there's a darn good chance the best game of 2011 will be Uncharted 3 but every time I look closely at what L.A. Noire offers, I begin to get excited. Really excited. It's a different sort of excitement, too; I know Drake's new adventure will be amazing, whereas there's a semblance of doubt that goes along with Rockstar's new promising project. How do you feel about comparing the two games…?

Okay, maybe I should play both WKCs when WKC2 comes out

So D3Publisher will be bringing White Knight Chronicles 2 to the U.S. this summer , which only reminds me that I never got a chance to play the original game. I saw enough of it to know I wanted to try it, but other things got in the way. Now, I hear tell that you can't even start the sequel until you've played the first; i.e., you must either have a completed game save from WKC before you can start WKC2. If that's true, it's a darn good thing the second game comes packed with the first…and I'll be able to start from scratch and play 'em both. I know the combat mechanic is similar to FFXII (at least, that's what it reminds me of), and I like the setting. I feel bad about missing the first game; I really do.

And considering there's little chance of me liking Skyrim and playing Mass Effect 2 reaffirmed my feeling that I just can't get into BioWare's great series, I think WKC2 fits the bill. I just hope it comes out in July, or something, when there are few games coming out. June is getting packed, damnit. Not that I'm complaining per se.

Personal gaming update

So I finished Crysis 2 and while the ending was a bit of a rip-off in some ways, I loved the game. It's definitely recommended for anyone who wants to play a slick sci-fi shooter with a lengthy campaign. I think it took me around 12-13 hours, or something like that, and I've missed those days. So now I have to go back to Dragon Age II , which I'll do this week. But because Dungeon Siege III came onto my radar recently, I just had to start a new game of Champions of Norrath . I'm in Vanarhost's Castle now. 🙂 Love those types of games.

Yeah, Mortal Kombat is coming and so is the review. I'm not into fighting games but I was once an MK fan, so I'm interested to see how it turns out. Also, I'm hoping to take the next big step for our special project; we're getting closer and closer…any forward progression is a good thing. 🙂