I'm actually looking forward to a slow April…the first quarter was pretty well packed again.

Oh come on, you can't tell me that wasn't hilarious

Duke Nukem Forever 's release date was both shocking and hilarious at the same time. The entire "Did Not Finish" saga has embraced a great many traits and emotions over the years; the most common have been disappointment and amusement. But the latest delay is one of the funniest damn things of the generation. If one really sits and ponders, one might come to the conclusion that Gearbox planned this whole thing from the start. I think Randy Pitchford always wanted to make that "special announcement" trailer; I think they revealed a false release date for that very purpose. Look, it fits. It's perfect. If one were to write the story of DNF (and someone should), the ending wouldn't be appropriate unless the game suffered one final delay.

And it puts a smile on my face to see a studio that plays along. They've been good sports about this from the start, and remember that "Hail to the King" trailer ? "Yeah, but after 12 fu***** years, it better be!" HA! I'm really enjoying this whole pseudo-fiasco.

Heavy Rain's success is our gain

After hearing what Quantic Dream boss David Cage has planned for his next project , I can't help but feel thankful that Heavy Rain sold over 1.5 million copies and nabbed a ton of awards. Prior to the game's release, Cage warned everyone that if the game flopped, the interactive entertainment venue wouldn't take the next step; it wouldn't progress in the area of literary achievement. Granted, it's his own perception of interactive storytelling – and he's quite proud of his team's innovative accomplishment, of course – but I happen to agree with Quantic's direction. That direction should allow the studio to deliver yet another "dark, adult-oriented" story that will hit hard and resonate for years. Although it has a few holes and drawbacks, I know for a fact I won't forget Heavy Rain ; the characters have remained firmly imprinted.

I just can't wait to hear more about this project, and I know I'm not alone in that desire.

Personal gaming update

Well, I'd like to finish the very cool Crysis 2 before getting back to Dragon Age II . And then I'll start a new Career in Top Spin 4 , which I've been avoiding so I could finish DAII. There's plenty left to do so I'm glad there isn't much in April I really need to play (I'm not a heavy MK fan). The next title that sits atop my most-wanted list is L.A. Noire , which won't be here until May 17. And as interested I am in DNF, that has now been moved to June 14…only a week after inFamous 2 . I also have to get started on the new Dissidia for the PSP; that review should come early this week.

By the way, I plan on giving away a copy of that Dissidia game, along with a couple other mystery titles. I'll think of how to do it tomorrow and post up the giveaway info for Monday. It'll be designed for JRPG fans, certainly. ­čÖé

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