Okay, so you've explained why Alan Wake was exclusive to the Xbox 360 , and we accept that explanation. Microsoft came to you with the best deal and besides, it's always easier to focus on any one console.

However, if you do create Alan Wake 2 and if for some strange reason your exclusivity deal with MS went bye-bye, I'm telling you that such a project would go over quite well with the PlayStation 3 audience. Although Heavy Rain is a different experience in terms of gameplay, both your game and Quantic Dream's emphasized a strong story narrative and character development. As far as I can tell, the same sort of people who enjoyed one game would enjoy the other. But here's the difference: while Heavy Rain was expected to only sell a few hundred thousand copies and ended up selling over 1.5 million, your game… The numbers weren't exactly encouraging, now were they?

Well, it wasn't a huge flop but let's face up to facts: Alan Wake didn't sell anywhere near as well as it should've. But with all this great word-of-mouth generated by critics and die-hard fans of your stellar achievement, there's every indication that a sequel would sell better, and I can almost guarantee the PS3 fans would take notice. Maybe it's because the average age of a PS3 owner is a little higher. Or maybe it's because the innovative risks Sony has taken in the past three decades have been received well by gamers. Whatever the reason, it seems apparent that Alan Wake 2 would be welcomed by the PS3 crowd.

Of course, if the game remains exclusive to the 360, I will certainly still buy it on day one. And I'm hoping others will reward your efforts as well. But as you said, it was a "business risk" to cut out all the possible consumers…maybe it's best to eliminate that risk and give nearly twice as many gamers a chance to play your new in-depth adventure. Just a thought.

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