Damnit, it's already March. I'm going to miss the winter. 🙁

I think we need a Last Guardian demo

When it was announced that Team ICO might include a demo of their new highly anticipated title in the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection , some said they didn't like the idea. I completely understand this sentiment; there are just some games I'd rather go into 100% fresh. However, although I maintain plenty of faith in the developers, I continue to be concerned about one thing: the lack of gameplay information. When the team admitted they hadn't even nailed down the control concepts yet, I started to worry. And as time goes on and we continue to see and hear nothing about the actual mechanics, my skepticism grows. To be clear, I'm relatively convinced The Last Guardian will be something special; I don't mean to imply the designers are lost. I just always get a little antsy when I'm in the dark.

And a demo would really help to put my concerns to rest. Bear in mind that control in both ICO and SotC might be considered a little wonky by today's standards, and I don't want the artistic brilliance of The Last Guardian sullied by what are perceived to be old-fashioned mechanics. I really just want to see how this game will play . I think I need to see that…

Dark Souls looks pretty damn good

In contrast to the die-hard Demon's Souls fans, I maintain that From Software's great effort had a balancing issue. It was this, and not so much the inherent challenge, that turned me off of the game. But because I've heard Dark Souls will be a bit different in terms of gameplay, I've been psyched for this follow-up effort. Then I saw the new screenshots and I have to admit, I was pretty impressed. Not quite as impressed as I was when I saw the in-game footage for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , but then again, the latter is an actual video. I think when we get a chance to see Dark Souls in action, we should be equally impressed. Although I've preferred some of the more brightly colored JRPGs in the past, I gotta say…the "darkness" shown in those screens really grabs me.

And in general, it's a great year for role-playing fans. I was a little disappointed in the most recent – Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel – but the best is yet to come.

Personal gaming update

I finished up Bulletstorm , and that was pretty damn fun from start to finish. The end dragged on a bit too long but hey, it's better than a five-hour campaign, right? I still have to finish Dead Space 2 but with Dragon Age II this week, I'm afraid that might not happen any time soon… I will also be getting Top Spin 4 for the same reason that football fans always get Madden . I'll try to go through Yakuza 4 but I doubt I'll have time; I am, however, anticipating a great game.

Also, remember that we'll be tossing up our second video commentary soon; it'll be for DAII. After that, maybe something new…