It has been another busy week, but February still has big stuff in store. As if you didn't already know.

RPGs making a resurgence

Historically, the role-playing genre is the last category of gaming to really get rolling in any given generation. So maybe I shouldn't be too surprised to see such a resurgence as we enter the fourth and fifth years of this particular era. Dark Souls has been announced and I'm hoping it'll appeal more to my tastes, and Namco is finally bringing Tales of Graces F to North America. Plus, we got an official release date for the highly anticipated Dungeon Siege III …and this is all in the past week. Coming up, you can expect our preview for Mass Effect 3 , I just put up the Hyperdimension Neptunia review (a little disappointing, but that's okay), and we'll be weighing in on the new Ar Tonelico soon, too. Oh, and of course, what I'm guessing will be my favorite RPG of the year – Dragon Age II – drops next month. Can't wait for that one.

Although the standard RPG formula of a world map and towns and turn-based combat seems to have died out completely in the console world, I'm still excited to see so many new role-playing adventures coming out. The action and shooter genres really dominated the first part of this generation and in all honesty, I've been craving such an RPG onslaught. 2011 ought to be interesting. 🙂

L.A. Noire expectations are now sky-high

It fell off the radar for a while, and most just forgot all about it. But now that it's officially on track for May and Rockstar is starting to release all these details and trailers, the hype has quickly been rebuilt. In fact, I think it's probably higher now than it ever was. They keep bringing us behind the scenes , outlining the amazing size and scope of this project, so it's hard not to harbor lofty expectations. Really, if I don't love this one, I'll be quite disappointed. I don't expect another Heavy Rain (that sort of experience happens only once a generation, I think) but I do expect a fantastic game that presents us with something new. The gameplay itself won't be revolutionary but some of those features could have a huge impact.

Rockstar usually doesn't disappoint, and Team Bondi really seems to have gone all out with this production. I'm just crossing my fingers.

Personal gaming update

I'm bouncing back and forth between Dead Space 2 and GT5; I think I'm in Chapter 10 in DS2 and I'm nearing the end of GT5. Well, not the "end," but about as far as I want to go. I'm Lv. 25 with the Formula Gran Turismo and most of the events done. I'll just finish up a few more, maybe try the last (Expert) part of the AMG Driving Academy, and do one or two of the Endurance races, and that's it. I'll be moving on; I have no intention of going nuts with it and I've already seen the two ending movies. Besides, Killzone 3 is right around the corner, and so is Dragon Age II and Bulletstorm . There are plenty more games I'm interested in over the next few months.

Sadly, Neptunia didn't do it for me, and that's unfortunate. But I'm looking forward to trying Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the PSP this week (review coming soon after), and I still have to try the new Ar Tonelico , which is sitting here. I realized this past week that the only 360 game I might buy this year is Gears of War 3 but…that's hardly surprising. I have to keep blowing the dust off that thing. What I need is Alan Wake 2 .