It's that time of year, and I'm just glad December is nothing like November for this industry. It's like we get all the heavy work out of the way so we can enjoy the holidays. ­čśë

Oh, NOW I remember why I don't work for the papers anymore

Morons. Complete and utter morons, the lot of them. I took one look at that embarrassing article concerning the most recent video game evil , and immediately felt a bad taste in my mouth. It goes beyond the fact that it's depressingly stupid from a statistical standpoint; i.e., they choose to say 5% of gamers let their hobby impact a relationship; I can say 95% of gamers never let a game impact a relationship. No, it's far worse, and far more insidious: it's the reflection of an obvious agenda. It's the old guard refusing to budge. See, the mainstream media (and the masses in general) always rely on stereotypes strictly for egocentric purposes: a certain group fits a certain viewpoint they have, and life makes sense. The instant they learn their image is inaccurate, they have to admit their mistake. And after a certain age, that just isn't going to happen.

Oh yes, I remember. I remember being told to invent quotes for non-existent people. I saw articles edited beyond recognition so the story could be presented with a slant. Finally, the liberal agenda boiled over- covered a country/western concert. Was told I needed to find a fan quote from a minority attendee (good effing luck doing that at a country/western concert, by the way). If I couldn't find one, I had to make up a "minority-sounding name" and a corresponding quote. Did it. Wasn't proud of myself. Two weeks later, a rap concert. Don't I need a fan quote from a white attendee, or something? Nah. Don't bother. …'vomits'

Racers know Gran Turismo 5 is a simulator

Obviously, most critics didn't get it. I knew going in they wouldn't; one needs a fair amount of automotive and racing knowledge to accurately analyze the product. And if you're looking for a video game, you might be disappointed. On the other hand, if you understand what GT5 actually is , you'd quickly see the unrivaled brilliance . This is part of the reason the game has sold so well thus far. And I got news for you- many of the same people who like Forza won't like GT5…'cuz one's a video game and one is a driving simulator. I still say GT5 might be the very last system-seller, though, just because if this one doesn't convince you, and you haven't been swayed by anything thus far, you obviously don't want a PS3. And, as far as I'm concerned, you're obviously not a gamer.

Personal gaming update

Still working through Brotherhood but the going is slow. I keep wanting to do everything and that mindset continues to arrest my progress. But I do have plenty of time, so I'm not too worried. No, I'm not watching the VMAs; I can catch the footage for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and all the other stuff without much difficulty, and I hate the "pop culture" vibe to that whole thing. Besides, I'm fairly certain Uncharted 3 will be drop-dead amazing. I also hear Mass Effect 3 will be announced but I'm having trouble getting excited for that. When it comes to RPGs, just gimme Dragon Age II

Also, I hope you enjoyed the Home interview . It does seem more than possible that PSXE will be involved with the service in some way. I'm going to start looking into it this week; the Home staff will help us out in getting started. I'm not sure yet how it will begin, but it might start with a meet-and-greet and then upgrade to something involving video. Might even get up some PSXE t-shirts for your Home avatars. ­čśë

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